Film: 8764

Railways | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Technical documentary about a new kind of railway sleeper later adopted all over the world 1950's

Steam locomotive coming towards camera at high speed and passing next to it. Close up of train's wheel in motion. Railway sleeper pressed by passing train. Front wheel train in motion with some parts of the engine. Link between two carriages. Railway and train moving. People eating in restaurant carriage. Close up of glasses and bottles shaken by train's motion. Model of railway shock absorber in laboratory, bolt being tightened. Two rails being welded together producing sparks all over the workshop. Railways being carried on special carriages. Railways so supple that they are bending while the way is winding. Railway pulled out of carriage. Close up of new kind of railway sleeper (concrete). Model of new system. Process of railway sleeper making. View of hall where new railway sleepers are stocked. Iron plate being cut. Electric trolley delivering iron plates to another stage of process. Plates heated in order to be folded. Pieces of iron dipped in oil bath. Pieces being checked for dimension, resistance. Simulation of railway used to study the evolution of the next system in the long run. Fixings appear to go through some coating process with parts hanging in racks from the ceiling before moving through a spray booth or heated coating process.
Electric trolley carrying iron pieces ready to be used. Crane moving railway sleepers about to be fixed to a new railway. Construction of railway. Automatic screwdriver fixing track to railway sleepers. Two men pushing a sort of crane put up onto railway. Crane lifting railway and railway sleepers at the same time. Long piece of rail being carried by railway and pulled by special car. Railway being welded together on the spot. Train coming towards camera. People having lunch in restaurant carriage. Bottles and glasses are hardly shaking. View of railway from train in motion (back of the train).

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