Film: 8770

Natural History | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Comparison of sizes of different animals, and their breathing techniques, buoyancy in water, weight on land. Insects and mammals 1930's

The Crystal Palace dinosaur park. Engravings of monsters. Number 56 bus apparently stopped by a monstrous lobster. Man dwarfed by large hairy spider. He cowers. Diagrammatic representation of size of whale compared to two dozen elephants. Zoo where elephant gives rides to zoo keeper and family with children. Three children ride on a two-humped camel. Boy pats llama. Little girl feeds little brown bear. Girl cuddles mongoose. Girl holds guinea pig which struggles. Jerboa in a cage. Close up shot of bees crawling on honeycomb. Four bees silhouetted against honeycomb. Cigarette end lying in guter still smoking. Microscopic view of small pond creatures. Little boy and girl build with blocks to demonstrate growth of bulk and growth of surface area. Millipede. Close up of head of indeterminate insect, perhaps a grasshopper. Waterboatmen insects skimming on surface of lily pond. Lily pads. White butterfly floundering on surface of pond. Butterfly - a Red Admiral (?) drinking from water on a leaf. Close up profile of a lower part of face of a man drinking from mug. Clear view of a butterfly drinking with a proboscis. Grasshopper held on finger. Butterflies balanced on hands. Sugar and milk added to cup of black tea. Hand picks up spoon and stirs tea. The cooling fan of a motor car rotating. Wolf breathing with its tongue hanging out. Insects do not have lungs and take oxygen into their bodies through their surface. Slow moving hairy spider. Insects are small because they do not have lungs. Collection of detective story book covers - 'The Shadow', 'Spider' and 'Sky Fighters'. Flying creatures need a large expanse of surface to support themselves in the air. Flowers in a garden. Hovering bees. Butterflies land on large white daisies. Close up of a hand spreading a pack of playing cards over a table top. They form and attractive fan. Wing of bird flapping. Vulture flapping its wings as it taps on a log ina cage. Strutting all white pigeon. Seagulls hovering. Monoplane aircraft - one with a top wing, one with a loower wing. Ostrich which cannot fly pecks at grass. Various sized fish. Eating. Crawfish, king crabs and lobsters. Lobsters fighting. Swimming turtles. Shark on display in museum. Skeletons of whales on display. The National History museum. Jawbones. People looking. The Crystal Palace Dinosaurs in South London. Children feeding birds. Good shots of the dinosaurs. Diplodocus skeleton. Tail and skull of skeleton. Prairie dogs. Ants in grass. Close up of man's shoe. Lower part of body of man climbs over log. Asian elephant, or Indian elephant moving log with help of two men. Ants moving ant eggs. Dog runs to man (lower part of his body), stands on its hind legs and receives food. Dog begs. Man pours drink into mug for chained chimpanzee which drinks. Architect at his board draws an arc with aid of tool. Bison grazing. Deer grazing. Man eating sandwich. Mouse eating. Children stand looking at biscuit tins and bread in shop window. In a zoo a polar bear yawns. It runs into water and eats fish. Arctic fox in pen. Hippopotamus cools itself in zoo pool. Caged elephant. Elephant flaps ears to cool itself. Close up of legs of chair. Metal scaffolding. Giraffe's legs. Knobbly legs of hippopotamus or rhino - cut to legs of bridge. Close up of flea. Use of toy animals to show comparative size of animals. Close up of hand opening aspirin bottle and tipping single aspirin tablet onto table top. Large crowd. Man staring at faked shot of sky.

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