Film: 8771

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Britain in Africa . British Colonial map of the world. Commentary- " People of Britain are responsible for the well being of 60 million people " 1940's

Hong Kong -2 shots. Difficulties of managing an Empire are expressed. Montage of empire and the colonies. White man with pith helmet with native fisherman. White men in pith helmets with natives. More good commentary on Empire. Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika now Tanzania - herdsmen with cattle, women till the earth, Masai (Massai) tribal dancing at night around a bonfire, men jumping individually and altogether, carrying wood, " British rule has brought peace " tribal warfare reduced since the British rule. House building, large building site and hydroelectric station, harbours, bridges, medical services, dockers, clinics, maternity centres, white nurses tend babies. Research centre for tsetse fly. White doctor and black assistant. Laboratory in the field. Sleeping sickness vaccination programme. People arrive by boat, have blood tests, fly posts, children at a feeding station. White doctor with black children, hide production, agricultural education, work on soil erosion, cattle moved to new pastures. School-boys schools of different ages, boys bashing, further education colleges, Broadcasting House, Malcolm MacDonald, Secretary of State for the colonies talks about duties to colonies and the question of independence.

White colonials with tribal elders. Court of Justice, two men dispute over goats, agricultural show, anti malaria information. Dancing.

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