Film: 8772

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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The facilities provided for off duty servicemen by the Young Men's Christian Association 1940's

Soldiers on a parade ground and on an airfield in a canteen. Sailors go up steps to the various YMCA centres. Mobile canteens to the men in the field. " Tea Car " no 33, a fleet of such vans, voluntary women workers, giving out bibles and free writing paper with a sign up behind the woman saying " Have you written Home today ? ". Soldier gets paper from woman volunteer. Writing rooms, Reading rooms, soldier around the piano, ping pong, bagatelle, draughts, snooker, dances with everyone in uniform, train canteens, women in the canteen kitchens cooking meals, information centre, Gatti's restaurant in the Strand, London is a British restaurant and converted into a YMCA hostel. Libraries and bookshops and mobile libraries to remote posts, soldiers and women exchange and choose books, National Gallery concerts and gramophone records with lecturer. Art Exhibition in a hut. Slide show and questions. Debating society, free legal advice. " The war has brought domestic and legal problems " the commentary says. Learning hobbies and crafts. Uniformed men sing in church and the vicar prays. The vicar discusses religious issues. The Chaplin General of the Forces talks about the value of the YMCA.

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