Film: 8779

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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An American view of Rome in the 1950's Italy

A TWA plane flying. The plane has landed. People walking into the airport terminal ( Ciampino ). A boat. A train. A view of Piazza dei Cinquecento just outside the main train station ( Termini ). A view of a crowded stadium ( Stadio dei Marmi ). A food kiosk. A man among the crowd drinking. American basketball players performing in the stadium. A view of the crowd. A game of baseball. The crowd cheering. A view of Via Veneto. Some ( american ?) tourists on a horse carriage. Other tourists waving at the carriage. The horse carriage through the streets of Rome. A view of Trevi's Fountain. A young woman sitting on the border of the fountain throws a coin in it. A close up of the carriage's wheel. A view of Piazza di Spagna. Few people walking at the bottom of the stairs. A view of Piazza di Spagna as seen from Via Condotti. A view of Piazza Navona. A close up of the central fountain. Close up of the carriage's back. A view of Castel Sant' Angelo. Another view of the Castle. View of an arcade. The carriage through a street of Rome. Close up at the balcony of Palazzo Venezia, from which Mussolini used to address the Italian people. A view of the Milite Ignoto ( the Tomb of the unknown soldier ). The horse carriage passing by the Roman Forum. A view of the Forum. Another view of the Forum. Two tourists walking among the ruins. The two tourists admiring some ruins. A view of a triumphal arch ( Tito's Arch ). A view of the Colosseum as seen through the arch. Another view of the Colosseum. The horse carriage nearby the Colosseum. Tourists strolling in the Colosseum. An internal view of the Coliseum. Another view of the Colosseum's interior. A close up of a Christian cross engraved on a arch. A view of Porta San Paolo and of the Piramide Cestia. A view of a train station ( stazione di Trastevere ? ). A train. A crowded beach. People sitting under some beach-umbrellas. A swimming pool. Athletes diving into the pool from a diving board. People cheering. A couple on a motorbike. Piazza del Popolo as seen from the motorbike. A close up of the obelisk that stands in the middle of the square. The motorbike travelling through the streets and the traffic of Rome. A red traffic light. A traffic policeman ( vigile urbano ) blowing his whistle. View of the streets of Rome as seen from the motorbike. The motorbike stops quite abruptly nearly crashing into another motorbike. The two drivers argue. A view of the Appian way ( Appia Antica ). A view of the Tomb of Cecilia Metella. A view of the road's stone pavement. A car travelling on the road. A view of a village. A view of the village streets paved with flowers ( infiorata ). A procession with some children dressed up as angels and a band. People going towards a church. Two little girls playing with the flowers. A view of the church façade. A view of Saint Peter's Church as seen from Via della Conciliazione. A view of Saint Peter's Church. A view of the colonnade of Saint Peter's Square. The horse carriage in the square. Another view of Saint Peter's Church. Two swiss guards at a gate. A view of Saint Peter's Square. People gathering in the square. The Pope at a window of the Vatican Palace. People in the square. The window closes. A close up of a statue.

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