Film: 8789

Feature Drama | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Ghost story melodrama 1920's

Part one: Set in dark castle.
Two men in 17th century dress sit at a table talking. One hands the other a sheet of paper to read. Baron de Clifford has been mortgaging lands to Sir Reginald de Corny. Reginald wants more valuable items. Agnes, the Baroness's only child enters, she is young and beautiful. The Baron speaks to her and directs her to Reginald. Reginald makes a pass at her - his declaration of love is over acted and says with a melodramatic statement 'I would rather see you dead then lose you'. Lord Lovell - childhood sweetheart - enters. He is young and dashing. Lovell drinks and warms himself by the fire. Reginald looking annoyed when Agnes gets excited about Lovell's arrival. Lovell and Agnes embrace and kiss. Reginald tells the Baron that he can have his land back in exchange for Agnes. But the Baron agrees to Lovell marrying Agnes. Hanging mistletoe in castle room. Two servants play around ladder. Agnes is being dressed by servant. Group in castle drink to marriage of Lovell and Agnes. Reginald looks jealously on. Three troubadours play musical instruments. The group dance in courtly fashion. Servant dance in jovial fashion.
Part Two:
Servants kiss under mistletoe - female slaps male. An angry Reginald. Group playing party games - Hide 'n' seek - women to hide. Agnes found by Reginald before she can hide. He takes the opportunity to strangle her and hides her body in the chest. Each woman is found except Agnes. Men searching with flaming torches. They assume that she has drowned. Her father faints. A year later, Reginald gloats and tries to recover debts. But Reginald is frightened by a shadow. At midnight, the ghost of Agnes appears to the three men, she beckons, Reginald and Lovell follow. Agnes walks through the castle corridors until they both
reach chest in which her year old corpse lies. Reginald refuses to open the chest until at Lovell's threats, he does and subsequently dies. Lovell weeps when he sees what has been done to Agnes.

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