Film: 8791

Personalities | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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South Downs (in Sussex?) with Joan Aiken (JA) in foreground and horse and rider in background. Readings from JA's book 'The Wolves of Willoughby Chase' over shots of walking and running wolves in a snow covered forest. Reading dramatised with the use of point of view shots. JA's house in Petworth, West Sussex which is a converted inn. JA's daughter. JA working at her kitchen table. Further dramatisation of 'The Wolves of Willoughby Chase': model train, characters on train, images of shot gun being loaded, tray of chocolates and then cream cakes. JA on train to London. Mention of JA's second book, 'Blackhearts at Battersea'. Shots of Battersea Power station, London. Dramatisation of extract of this book through the use of drawings. Rose Alley in Southwark, London. JA on south side of Thames in London. Further dramatisation of an extract of 'Wolves of Willoughby Chase' in number eight Rose Alley. Shot of Saint Paul's from south side of Thames. Moving and tethered barges on the Thames. JA on wooden rigged ship called 'Convoy'. JA reading a letter while on the ship. Reference to JA's third book, 'Night Birds on Nantucket'. Images of whaling ship and killing of whales. Whaling song on soundtrack. Toy globe spinning. Illustrator of JA's books painting at her desk. Reference to another of JA's book, 'The Whispering Mountain'. JA in woods, waterfall. Reading of 'Whispering Mountain' accompanied with images of a waterfall. Dramatisation of an extract of 'Whispering Mountain': candle illuminates mask on wall, models on shelves, suspended ball bearings in perpetual motion (executive toy), chess board and harp having sack removed from it. JA on South Downs again. She climbs a tree and at the top begins to write. The books mentioned herein were published by Jonathon Cape and Puffin.

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