Film: 8800

Natural History | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Pictures of: sabre-toothed tiger, lion, tiger, jaguar, cougar, lynx, ocelot, bobcat. Few seconds of footage of each animal. Diagram of feline claws; footage of claw-sharpening. Bobcat fights with razorback hogs. Close-up of cat's eyes with diagram. Magnified picture of feline tongue to show spines. Cougar feeds. Domestic cat cleans itself. Diagram of feline skeleton. Ocelot sleeps with young in cave. Bobcat with young. Distribution diagram of cougars in America. Canadian ranges. Cougars' prey: deer, mountain sheep, elk, raccoon. Cougar fishing for salmon. Cougar follows beaver through snow; beaver slips below ice. Porcupine. Skunk. Group of black bears. Shots of farm: cows and pigs. Cougar attacks herd of sheep, dogs bark; farmer shoots, cougar runs away. Cougar watches herd of elk from mountain-top; elks playing. Various shots of cougar. Cougar with litter of two cubs; cubs play; lots of cute shots. Mother cougar climbs a tree, spots prey and leaps into action; very spectacular 30 metre leap. Cubs feeding on deer; mother guards, plays with young; one cub strays and falls down bank - mother to the rescue. Six month old cubs in tree; trying to catch a frog; young cougars race through forest. Squirrel in tree; cougar tries to follow it, but is forced to climb down. Digs for rodent in burrow. Young cougar leaves den. Various shots against mountain ranges.

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