Film: 8804

Road Transport | 1950 | Mute | B/W


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Consists of film of buses in various parts of London mainly the centre and the southern suburbs 1950's

Victoria Station bus area is featured also Whitehall and Piccadilly Circus. Seems to have ben filmed over a period, shows trams, trolleybuses and buses all on the road so would probably have been around 1952. Bus No.170 - Hackney close up of side of bus showing RTW 227 and another RTL 518. No.16, Neasden at Victoria bus station. - No.29. - No.78 crossing Tower Bridge followed by 47, Camberwell Green. 61, Bromley. - Close up of engine cover and radiator. 127, Morden Station. London street scenes. 53A. 67. wheels have silver ring on hubs. 9, Mortlake. Scene buses converging from all directions. Buses with rear wheels in serial order viz:- 00. 105, Southall. 47, Camberwell Green, on Tower Bridge. 10, conductor is changing destination blind by turning handle located under the side panel.
Bombed buildigs. 53A turning under heavy iron bridge. Rear view of 53, Camden Town follows route for short distance, down Strand, turns into the Aldwych. 61, Bromley glimpse of 44 tram. 65, Hook. View of 1950's 'luxury' coach. No.22, places served Shoreditch, Bank, Holborn, Piccadilly Circus, Slaon Square, Chelsea. 39, crossing Chelsea Bridge Also 49 - destination Crystal Palace. Another destination Streatham Common. No.3, Crystal Palace. 163, Plumstead Common. 59, Chipstead Valley. 24, Pimlico. 3, Southfields. 53, Bostall Woods. Change to out of London country buses. 410, Reigate. Bus going to Guildford. 417, Langley. 417, Dartford, Green Line Coach depot. Could be Morden. 480, Dartford. Entering either Blackwall or Rotherhithe tunnel. Bus to Stepney rear view entering tunnel which has two way traffic.79A near 'Undergound' railway bridge. - Change to buses turning close to latest design of underground railway station (brick and glass) 83, rear of 79, Alperton. 113, Oxford Circus. 113, Edgware, in Portland Place, 77. 38A at Victoria Station, 721, Brentwood. 151, Morden Station and Hackbridge. 156, Morden. 97, Ruislip, 27A, Highgate. 52, Mill Hill, 27A, Paddington Station.177, near Charing Cross railway bridge on the Embankment. 23, Becontree Heath. 93, Epsom Station. View of 2 staionary trolley buses. 80A, Belmont Station only. New 12 bus, smart new design, white plastic covered hand rails. 461, Staines.
Caption: Single Deckers. 201, Feltham, serial wheels. 213, Belmont. 131 to Leyton Town Hall. 462, Staines. 462, Leatherhead. 412, Belmont. Bus turning in to Whitehall. 715, Greenline to Hertford. 715, Guildford. 477. 497, Gravesend and Dover Road Schools, rear view. 241, Welling Station. 241, Sidcup. 602. (Trolleybus). 490A, Hartley Hill. View of bus, back half of which has upper deck. 218, Walton-on-Thames. Express Dairy horse-drawn dairy cart. Views of Whitehall traffic. 37. 73, East Sheen.
Caption: Special occasions.
2 vintage number 11 buses in parade. Open top and open stairway. Followed by modern 11. Aerial view shows covers on vintage bus seats. Bus driver or engineer dealing witb over-heated bus radiatior lots of steam emerging. Special service Morden to Epsom Races passengers alighiting from open-staircase bus. No.407 with steam coming from radiator. 134 Friern Barnet. 38 at Piccadilly Circus. The End.

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