Film: 8805

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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France 1970's

Demonstration by industrial diggers and earth movers at an exposition.
Antique dealers and furniture selling. Small amount of black and white archive of people sleeping on ground at night. French open-air market with lots of stalls selling clothes. Gypsy woman reading a woman's palm in the street. Strange piece of quickly edited fashion footage. A model wears combat clothing and is filmed in a variety of quickly shot poses in front of a brick wall. Same shots of a man also wearing combat fatigues and a helmet. Also of a woman and of a man wearing navy clothes. Woman wearing army uniform also wears a mask in some shots. In a bar a man sings and a red haired woman dances around. French café or brasserie. Singer in bar plays a trumpet and café owner grabs a passing woman - they dance. Outdoors, woman with big head of curly or permed hair and big white framed sunglasses. Mannequin. Back to bar and trumpeter.
Woman walks through archway to a door which has a sign on it reading 'The Caisse Nationale des Monuments Historiques. Service Photographique'. Various stills of pictures by French artists. A hand holding a picture of a cave painting of a bull from Lascaux. Very fine courtyard with fountain in middle. Man in an archive takes documents in a folder from a shelf of many folders. Woman takes a large book from a book shelf. She places a photograph in a envelope. A filing cabinet. Religious materials and chalices. Preparing to take a photograph of a cross with a high defintion camera. Two people carry in a glass plate negative measuring perhaps three foot by two foot. The image is of a building. Various negatives of places in countryside and negative glass plate portraits. A print of a portrait.
The work of an artist of horses. He wears a three piece suit and his wife sits in the background. Several pictures of his wife. Pictures of chateau.

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