Film: 8808

Sport | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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The Alps 1960's

High mountains, snow on the summits, four summits in the Alps (?). The weather is bright with a few of clouds. In the foreground is seen a big shadow. The highest peak is focused in the centre of the frame. Left is seen the shadow of the forest. The highest peak is seen enlarged with bizarre rocks. Before the mountain there is a cottage. Clouds moving. We then see a part of this mountain. A snow-white slope. View of the mountain from the valley. Next shot is an aerial shot of steep rocks and steep slopes. On left side is a great glacier. Aerial footage of the same mountain. The aerial shot is circulating the summit with no clouds. On the horizon more snowtops and a dark valley.
Shot of a group of about 10 children and adults.
They climb on little rocks in the valley wearing shorts and shirts and mountain shoes (they boldering). Sun is shining. A few of trees. Shot of a young child (probably aged 4) sitting on a stone. A group of climbers. A black dog is running around. Shot of a young girl wearing mountain troussers and socks. She is climbing on the little rocks with rope from above. Her left hand is grasping the rope. Her right hand has got a good grip. Her soles haven't a grip on the rockface, her both hands suddenly on the rope. She has difficulty climbing higher.
A young man is climbing with a good technique on a limestone wall. He is wearing a rope knotted around his chest. Good foot technique. Suddenly he has difficulty in giving his soles a good grip (very good shots of his foots trying to grip). The young boy reachs the top. Another boy is seen on the top (the boy which helped with safety with the rope).
Next shot a muscular man is beginning to climb. He don't wearing a shirt only shorts and boots. He is free climbing - first person to climb fails. Next showing the right technique with the correct method to get a good grip and a good handle for powerful climbing. Showing how do achieve balance and to keep the balance. Next shot is seen a man is climbing on overhang wall. Next shot the man is showing the climbing technique in a chimney. The same man is showing the climbing technique in a narrower rock cleft using his knees to ascend. The technique is like the action of a chimney sweep. A climbing man. A very good example of climbing shoes with special upper soles. The man climbing with these shoes displays an amazing ability (Close-up of these shoes in climbing).

Close-up of fingers gripping a very small handhold which can be hardly seen on the rockface. The man climbing higher. The dynamic movent of the climber on the rock is shown more exercise technique on a overhanging rock. This kind of climbing is very strennous. A climber moving crossways along the rock face. The rock wall has got hardly any steps for the foot. The wall is very smooth. You can seen a more difficult climbing, in this case without safety ropes (!) which is very dangerous. The same brilliant climber is ascending on a sunny rock face. You can seen rock face cracked with only the finger tips to find the grip for climbing upwards. The climber jumps from one side of the crevice to the other. You can see a good jump. Shot from three several points of view.

An aerial shot of a lovely valley with a glacier in the sunny reflection. You can seen wonderful summits in the sunshine. Snow and no clouds.
A railway-bridge. A steam locomotive pulling a carriage for passengers up a steep incline in a valley. Next shot is shown a brilliant landscape and a wild and beautiful rock among clouds - much snow, in the foreground trees.
Lots of people and tourists some in good suits standing around and walking on to a lookout platform. A very good view of the meander of glacier. People leaning on a wall and looking out of the crevasses. Some people taking photos. Camera pass further to the summits on the horizon and then to the high peak right near the glacier. A close-up of this peak and very sharp rocks. Downside the valley with the very broad glacier.
Camera pass up to a winding foot path. Two hikers with rucksacks walking upwards. One man has a white flat cap against the sun. You can see outdoor clothes and long-handled axes like a walking stick. Next shot the same two men coming up a steel ladder and holding fight on steel chains. You can seen the two men on of them with glasses passing alomg. Close-up of two hikers. In the background can seen huge and tremendous glacier. Showing and focusing a white circle around the area in the rock. The face where the two hikers are climbing which can't seen. It's a very good comparrison between two different point of views. The shot before there can be seen the while glacier in the background; now can be seen the dark mountain with the sign of the white circle in the background. In the foreground is shown the snow-white glacier. Close-up of the area in the circle; there is a cottage among the stones and rocks / in this stone-desert. Looking out in the mountain landscape. Camera panning to a granite wall. The two hikers climb on this wall using safety straps and ropes (two ropes called a twin-rope).
The man with white flat cap secures the first man to climb with the rope. The first climber fights for every metre. A close-up of the man who secures his partner the first climber. Good footage of classical safety technique without special equipment like belts, karabiner snaps and another modern staff. The first climber gets to the top. Looking out on the deep snow, rocks, bizarre towers of stone (granite). The first man who secured the first climber now climbs after him tight on the rope. On a rock balcony he winds the rope and climbs after him. The two climbers on the wall. Both young man are climbing. Camera pass after towards the higher the wall. Suddenly - can seen the cottage which can seen in the white circle before / earlier.
Close-up of a part of a wooden door with lock and key. A right hand turns the key in the lock. The two climbers coming in from outside into the dark room of this cottage; the last man shuts the old weathered door. The footage is black.
The mountain top behind this cottage is disappearing into the clouds. The two men coming out and closing the door of the cottage. The weather is getting worse. The sun isn't there. The climbers moving downwards back to the route. The mountain amongst clouds and fog - bad visibility. The wall; it's seems mysterious. The wide mountain-landscape. The footage makes a cold impression of this landscape. In the depth can seen the glacier with their crevasses. A man is climbing up on a little place where he can standing and pulling the rope up. A safety point of view. A rope loop passed through a hole in the rock face using for the securing technique for the first climber. A karabiner snap is used in combination with the rope loop and the rope which bounded the first climber.
You can see the safety man handling this equipment for the safety (very good!). The first climber with sunglasses going ahead on the wall. Very good climbing technique. The same man on a very steep rock-face. Good footage about climbing exercises and looking out into the valley - the huge glacier. Climbing in very high regions. Close-up of the young man wearing white flat cap. He is bounded with the rope. In the background the deep fearful valley. Shot back to the first climber. He has difficulty. He goes a few metres back. Shot of the safety man. He rewinds the rope. Close-up of a bolt being driven in with a hammer. This hook is for safety. The first climber clicks on a karabiner snap in this hook and secures the twin-rope and consequently himself.
Now he trys the passage again. Loose stones fall down to the bottom. He gets over the difficulty and disappears behind the plunge ridge. Close-up of one man climbing. Looking out at the glaicier in the valley. The camera pass shown the height. We can see two white circles around two climbers on the same ridge connected with a rope. The first climber moves higher and higher. Looking out in the valley. Camera passes back along the ridge to the point where the first climber is standing. Close-up of this man like securing the climbing after. Shot of the man climbing towards. Next shot - very good climbing footage - very difficult and very dangerous. This is the close-up from the passage before - on the ridge as well. The climber comes on a balcony and pulls up the rope. Shot of the other man limbing after. Next shot - both men are together on the stone balcony. They disappearing behind the wall. Camera passing ahead to the very impressive summit. You can seen the summit as close-up. Close-up of the backpack, a man looking for with his two hand in this. He takes out special material.
Next shot can seen the climber after on a taut twin-rope. Next shot - a man is firm on a hook. He swings a metal thing with a rope on it like a lasso on to the top - over the top. We can see the flying rope which disappearing behind the summit. On the other side of the summit the other climber pull down the rope which a scene before flying over the top.. Shot back to the thrower - he gives the rope after. He whisps the rope like a snake over the top. Shot back to the other climber. He pulls down the thinner rope carefully down. Shot on the top can seen like the thinner rope appears knotted with the normal climber rope. Next shot to the climber which pulling down the rope. The rope is pulling down. The climber reaches the normal rope - the 'right' rope. Shot back to the climber who pulls the rope. He kncks in a blt ? Hook in the rock and makes a loop in the twin-rope. The loop is tight connected with a karabiner snap on the hook.
Now you can seen the top of mountain (very impressed). One climber climbs top-rope towards to the summit. The other climber gives helps. He pulls him higher with the rope. One of them is on the top. After that we can see the shadow of the summit on the snow field in the valley. Next shot back to thesummit. The second climber are ascending with the helpful rope to the top. Close-up to this climber how going to the top. Both climbers on the small top of the summit. This top gives place for only two persons. Both sitting there. Close-up to the climber wearing white cap. Both climbers look very impressed. Camera pass to the steep wall under the climper. Both climbers sitting side by side on the top and looking out. They looking out to be satisfied.
Next shot is shown a very impressed panorama about the mountain and the huge glaciers, a few of clouds, once more a glacier. Steep rock walls and snow-drifts can be seen.
After that we can see a climber throwing down one end of the rope. Close-up into the bizarre shapes of the mountain - black and white: granite and snow. A man is abseiling downwards in the valley on the rope. Very good footage about a classical varaint of abseiling in the mountains. We can see an old technique of abseiling. Next shot of a view of mountain. After that the other climber is abseiling. He is faster than the first climber. It,s a good show! Next shot a man is abseiling in a very steel wall with backpack on his back. We can see the same scene from another point of view. The man is abseiling in a gorge / Ravine. Close-up of the other man can shown a very good example for the laying of the rope around the bodu to abseiling. This technique is more difficult than the techniques at this present times. The both climber are standing on the bottom, they are bellow.
Next shot is shown a lovely valley with flowers, forest, meadows, wooden houses, a hilly landscape in the foreground and the highest mountains with snow in the background. In the end is shown the sign "fin" with rope, karabiner snaps, hooks, hammer and two several long-handled axes like walking sticks.

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