Film: 8812

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Spain 1950's

A roundfaced doll with round red cheeks. The town of Albufera De Valencia, view from the rooftops over the highly decorated architecture of this city in southern Spain. The city square, surrounded by very ornate buildings and filled with trees. A tall highly sculpted tower, looks vaguely like the tower of the winds. A pock-marked side of a castle, with two towers at the corners. Another side of the castle, more ornate and Moorish. A white stone bridge, with two ornately carved markers at one end. Buckets of pink carnations. Animated map of the location of Albufera, 10 km from Valencia. A long boat pulled up on the beach of the Mediterranean sea, very sandy. The pine trees and cactuses of the small strip of land that separates Abufera from the Sea. A gondola type boat beached don the shore of the small lake. A canal runs between two fields filled with hay. A man guides a boat upriver. A full head of wheat. A wheat field. A white sail moves up a canal. A water wheel turns in the river. A boats floats through a widening of the river beside a farm house surrounded by other farm buildings. A river runs behind houses, each with a boat moored beside the back, a flock of ducks slips into the water. A marina, boat is stacked against boat, in long lines in a widening of the canal. Turkeys climb over the boats and the dock. A boy dangles a fishing line in the water from the side of a boat. Men work fixing boats, tarring them and nailing down new boards. A man poles along in a small boat. A little girl poles a boat along the canal. A mother with her children pole another boat along a different part of the canal. A young boy poles along a boat as he comes in to moor beside another bunch of boats. A man pushes out a boat with a sail attached to it, a boy guides the rudder. On the boat, a man walks backwards with the pole, a small boy stands up from the side where he was eating an apple. From the boat, a woman sweeps the walk outside her home beside the river. The man walks back and forth, pulling the boat forward. A man in another boat fixes his sail to the boom. Boat enters the large lake, the man runs forward and grabs the sail, the boy follows him with other ropes. The father helps him tie it and then the boy settles down at the rudder.
Birds stand on clumps of flotsam and broken wood. Men haul a fishing net onto their boat. A fishing net strung out over the water, kept afloat by buoys and wooden separators floats on the water. A fish flaps in the net. Two men works bringing in the net, the fish are untangled. Another fish is added flopping to the pile at the bottom of the boat. Aerial view of the lake, largely covered with algae. The father and son switch places at the rudder. The boy looks over the edge of the boat, his knees pulled dup to his chin. A white, curly haired dog sits at the bow of the boat.
White thatched roofed houses line a dirt road, two men walk towards us along the road. A variety of A-frame white thatched houses in various rural settings.
The sun slowly sets over the trees. Grasses blow in the breeze, the lake lies smooth. Ducks bob in the water. A man pops up from behind a reed duck blind and waves the camera out of the way. Another man sit sin his boat by the reeds. Birds take off flying. One of the men in a boat point skyward. The man behind the blind pops up with his gun. The barrel of the gun pop upwards as the bullet comes out of it. The man shoots the gun twice more. The man pans across the sky with his gun. Dead ducks float in the lake. One of the men in a boat poles through the water and picks up the ducks. A spaniel swims through the water and picks up a duck in its mouth and turns around, retrieving it.
Harvesting rice?, it looks yellow instead of green and is higher than Asian varieties. Men walk through the muddy ground, cutting off rice stalks. Behind the rice fields, a sailing boat moves along the canal, seeming to sail on dry land. The rice piled on a boat, a man moves it the shore. A bunch of boats all loaded down with rice. Horses pull huge wagons filled with hay/wheat/rice. Trucks bring more rice in. A threshing machine works, the men move piles of chaff around. Men unload a truck. Man stands up from a pile of straw, lifting it on his back. Grains of rice pour out of the threshing machine into a box. Close up of the grains of rice. The rice is spread out on the ground, to dry out. Men walk over the rice pulling large rakes behind them, turning the rice over. Sail boats sail over the lake with the setting sun behind them.

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