Film: 8815

Social History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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A public safety film to impress the need for public vigilance during bombing campaigns of terrorist organisations 1970's

Explosion in street (real). Person carried on stretchers with leg-wound. Woman with bloody face. House on fire with attendant fire-services. (news footage)
Uniformed hotel doorman. Man slips package between train-seats. Woman slips something into suitcase. Shopkeeper notices plastic bag. Two bombers enter supermarket, threaten guard with gun. Man leaves bomb in store. Woman deposits suspicious box of washing-powder in supermarket. Various packages with explosives inside are demonstrated. Supermarket hotel warehouse shots. People throw water, use a fire extinguisher, dump packages and run away, girl screams to evacuate shop - i.e. all things not to do to suspicious package. Checkout girl tells manager about bomb, he announces emergency over intercom, customers leave in orderly fashion. Woman calls from phone-box. Crowd walks down street. Military jeeps approach. Soldiers with guns and strange red-bobbled berets jump and take covering positions. Bomb-disposal vehicle arrives. Bomb-disposal robot. People evacuate pub. Police chief gives talk to camera, bags being searched, people being frisked, magnetic scan of handbag. Store being searched. Coat pockets, shoes, bags, Close-circuit cameras. Clothes on rail explode. Firemen attend to rubble. Explosion in street. Boarded-up properties. Close up of cash till. Man stacks boxes. High-street camera shots. Security services film shot in Northern Ireland , U.K. to counter terrorism. Possibly Belfast.

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