Film: 882

Dance | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Clog dancing and tap dancing 1940's

Dan Leno 's clog dance is copied, close up of feet clog dancing. Little Tich is also copied, in his big boots, not a bad impersonation.

Modern tap dance, Astaire and Rogers type dance routine. Man in dinner suit, woman in long flowing dress. They tap dance Hollywood style, just like Fred and Ginger, on a chequered floor of black and white with curtain backdrop. Very good fast turn in couple. Black cocktail waiter behind a bar. He gets up onto the bar and does a rumba, soft shoe shuffle type of tap routine. He wears a white jacket like a waiter. Close up of shiny black shoes. It is slick, smooth with good twisted jumps. Rather wild jumps down on his knees and up again. Great leaning back on hands and kicking out rabbit style (2 minutes).

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