Film: 8820

Farming + Rural Life | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Potato growing in the UK 1970's

Seed potatoes are delivered to a farm for Spring planting using a potato planting machine towed behind tractor. Crop spraying to deter blight. Irrigation techniques. Lifting the crop with special harvester in Autumn. Hazards of bad weather are shown. Demonstrations of farm machinery. Storage of potatoes using an elevator in custom-built warehouse. Alternatives include storing potatoes in 'clamp' under earth and straw mounds. Grading by human-eye is still best. Farmers set up grading and packing stations. Ready-peeled potatoes, chips, dried mash. Auto-weighing potatoes for pre-packing. Wholesaler and his sources of supply. Different types of potato detailed. Various methods of serving potatoes on the dining table. Calories. Cooling tests. Panel of tasters sample the varieties.

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