Film: 8822

Sport | 1970 | Sound | B/W + Colour


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Film contains a series of Olympic Games events that were obviously filmed at different times.

Mexico City - 1968
Black athletes threaten to boycott the Games: Final of the 200 Metres and Prize-Giving with unpleasant undertones. Interview with John Carlos.
London - 1948
With King George VI in attendance we see the final of the 10,000 Metres and the hopes of the French runner. Emil Zatopek
Helsinki - 1952
The French runner still aspires but loses the Gold Medal. 5,000 Metres with Chris Chataway's fall and French athlete wins the Silver Medal.
Melbourne - 1956
The same Frenchman enters The Marathon and this time he wins! A lifetime dream - an Olympic Gold Medal.
Rome - 1960
Dave Sim of U.S.A. in final 100 Metres - his disappointment: Final 4 x 100 metre Relay with United States disqualified. Sim's career is over.
Montreal - 1976
Bruce Jenner of United States his victories and failures: Pole Vault and Javelin see him through to "The Decthlon" and a Gold Medal.
Mexico City - 1968
200 Metres with the world's most durable female setting a new World Record!
Munich - 1972
Same girl wins the Bronze Medal in the 200 Metres.
Montreal - 1976
The World Record holder moves fastest of all and breaks yet another World Record! With 3 x Gold, 2 x Silver and 2 x Bronze, he's certainly a Champion!

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