Film: 8823

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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In Moscow advances in physics are discussed with a Russian colleague with scenes of a Nuclear Power Station 1950's

Ladies exercise at a swimming pool. University students and their aspirations. In Siberia untold wealth can be found beneath the frozen ground. New buildings under construction including an aluminium factory due for completion in 1961. New township planned and clubhouse. Night school. No evidence of compulsory labour. Dam shown under construction for hydro-electric power. Through the lowlands and forest to a fishing area, rare fish shown which gives birth to its young. Boat ride to an area with no roads, lorry takes cross country route to a 'frontier town' with log roads covered in planks. People walk on stilts to avoid the mud. Tree felling, hauling trunks by crane and tractor, cutting trunks with a power saw. Visit to a typical lumberjack's home for a meal with a toast of friendship. Michael Ingram's final words have a sinister hint from over three decades ago in late 1950's, referring to politicians he said "if we fail-well you know what will happen".

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