Film: 8824

War + Military | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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The Gurkhas Regiment 1980's

The march along The Mall in London to Buckingham Palace with the reflections of a Gurkha and his story. He and his friends are hillmen of Nepal, Asia and they serve with the British Army (as their fathers did). They are armed exclusively with their famed kukri knives. World War Two footage which is sepia, back in Nepal at his village with a backdrop that defies description as he lives 'on top of the World' in very mountainous territory. Inherent discipline is brought out by The Army, but the British Colonel expresses the view that his Command is like a family and he is actually called 'father' by the Gurkhas. Gurkhas are Hindus and their worship is of great importance to them. Temple scenes. Incredible sunrise over the lofty peaks is photographed. The Gurkhas at home live a simple life, milking the cow, repairing the roof thatched, grinding corn, swinging baby in a hammock, scenes of donkeys, mules and cattle. Army pensions are paid out at the Army 'Pay Office' to Ex-Servicemen and Widows (shown). Despite appalling hardships the Gurkhas are a happy people. Back in London the Gurkhas prepare for 'the changing of the guard'. Victoria Crosses that have been awarded to Gurkhas number more than in any other contingent. They know that they, and their fallen comrades are one, and they remember them. "I am a happy man Sir". Scenic in places with awesome vistas in Nepal from the Gurkhas mountain village.

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