Film: 8825

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Israel 1960's

Maps utilised to pinpoint localities. Emphasises the need for the Jews to return to their homeland from distant places - encouraging migration. Opens with scene of Jaffa Oranges in wooden boxes; cotton mill, tyre factory; Haifa a busy port; Tel Aviv a busy noisy modern city. Our attention is then turned to the area known a Negev a dry desert that stretches for miles under the blistering sun. Water is piped from the Sea of Galilee with tunnelling under mountains and over rough terrain. Pipes delivered by lorry. Irrigation channels take the water to farms. The desert now has forests, scenes of planting saplings. The Bible helps scientists discover the treasures hidden in this ancient area like copper and oil etc. Drilling for oil. Sand used in glass making. China clay found for making earthenware pots etc. Hottest area is the Dead Sea which is rich in phosphates for making fertiliser. Location of King Solomon's Mines shown where copper ore is mined. Area called Helets rich in oil. New road built which is 150 miles long. Eilat a busy port. Over fifty Kibbutz or Kibbutzim are to be found in Negev. Homes under construction amid dust and heat. Interview in London with lady who is eager to return to her homeland despite the obvious hardships.

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