Film: 8827

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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In Eastern Canada is Quebec, Canada, homeland of French Speaking Canadians 1940's

The St Lawrence is a 600 mile waterway for ships and riverboats. Timber is also floated along the river. Scenes of Quebec with steep streets and stairways. A City on two levels! Situated in the St Lawrence is a 21 mile long island with farming and a number of villages. The film now concentrates on the people and their way of life on this island. Parishioners arrive at the Church by horse and cart and by car. Sunday afternoon is a time of relaxation for the family but Monday is the time for serious work. Hens are out in the farmyard and the cows are milked by hand in the meadow. Logs are used for cooking and heating. Children leave for school carrying their lunch and books. The schoolhouse is also teacher's home. Lessons are in French and prayers are offered at the end of the school day at 3pm. Agriculture with potato growing and picking. Horses haul wooden implements. Onions are another important crop. Traditional farming scenes with the family dog being harnessed to a dog cart. Maize cutting. Apple picking. On Friday young Jack is excused from school to help his father go to market on the mainland. All the goods are loaded aboard a wagon and the horse takes three hours to get to the Farmers Cooperative in Quebec. Delivery to various homes and they return home as dusk falls. Family life in the evenings with accordion. Children prepare lessons. Old clothing made into carpet rags. Traditional loom.

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