Film: 8831

Social History | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Reconstruction of the slave-trade on the Coasts of Africa 1930's

A rough sea. The bow of a ship in a storm, seen going up and down. A man looking at the sea from the ship the bow of the ship. The ship anchored just off the coast of the Canaries Islands. The streets of a village, a Spanish Church can be seen on the back. A close-up of two girls carrying two lambs in their arms. A man eating a fruit. Close-up of a plant. Two camels pulled by two men walking on a track. Farmers at work in a field pushing a plough which is pulled by two oxen. Another farmer pushing a plough follows. A young woman nearby a tree peels fruit (orange?) with a knife and tastes it.

A view of an island village built on the side of a hill. View of the island port as seen from the sea. The hand rail on the deck of a ship. At sea. Close-up of the ship's figure-head. Close-up of the ship's sails. A view of the waving sea. A coast-line (African coastline) seen from the ship. A young boy climbing up a palm-tree. A man on a tree playing a drum. Other men hitting drums to send messages. A native village.

Men from the ship came ashore in a shallop. A deserted native village. Slaves lined up. A man comes out from a hut in a desert village. Torches in the dark. A ritual dance is performed a the light of the torches. Black people with their faces painted playing drums, while others are dancing, some of them are carrying long spears.

The slave-market, slaves in chains lined-up, one inspected by a trader. Slave hunters leaves the village. Two people running chased by the hunters. The two people jump in a canoe and row speedily away. The hunters stop running when they reach the beach. Slaves in chains marching in a line. A close-up of some of the slaves. The slaves are gathered on a beach. Close-up of the sails of a ship. Slaves in chains crowded up below deck. View of the ship sailing. Sailors on the ship's deck during a storm. Two sailors trying to move the helm. The bow of a modern ship in a rough sea. View of the sea.

People working on a wharf. People at work loading and unloading ships. Black people at work in an open-air mine. Farmers at work. Two people sitting at a table typing. A man sitting down working with a sewing machine. Children learning in a school. Three young Boy Scouts. Young African doing physical exercises. African playing cricket. Young children jumping in a sort of swimming pool. Two surgeons performing an operation. A black nurse taking the temperature of few sick people who are lying in beds in open space. A doctor examining a young boy who is lying down on a mat.

People sitting down eating fruits. A close-up of some of the people in a native village. View of some houses built nearby the coast. A view of the coast-line. Slaves in chains marching.

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