Film: 8834

Adverts | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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British commercial or adverts from the 1970's. Many are repeated.

Yeoman mashed potato with children doing 'one potato'.
Lifebuoy soap with moustachioed man with body odour.
Milk, two versions with athletes and swimmers.
Tango orange soft drink set in the Seventeenth century with King Charles II in a litter and Nell Gwynn with her oranges. Charles is tempted away by Tango.
HP sauce on salad and pork pie.
HP Beans with children.
HP Sauce with sausages with voiceover by Arthur Mullard.
Peaudouce nappies with babies.
Birds Angel Delight puddings floating in air.
Lyons Caramel Shortcake with dad and son going fishing , it rains and Mum comes to rescue, 'Second To Mum'.
McEwans's Lager animated advert.

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