Film: 8836

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Thomas Telford story 1950's

Opening close-up of bronze sculpture of Thomas Telford. Ground level view of Pack Head bridge 11 miles South of Edinburgh. Shot looking up a red (sandstone?) arch. Moving across arches. Shot of gorge and then traffic moving across bridge (Dean Bridge) above. Routemaster buses, and private cars. View of single arch metal bridge crossing a river. Crenallated stone turrets on one side. Looking up at girders from river below (over River Spey). Shot of motorway, underpasses of flyovers in Stockholm; Canadian motorway near Toronto; flyover near London Airport; Parliament Square with Big Ben; Institute of Civil Engineers (London) from side angle.

Close-up of 'Atlas to the life of Thomas Telford, Civil Engineer' (containing 83 copper plates). Opening plate Telford seated with aqueducts and bridges in the background. Shot of moorland (Eskdale in Scottish borders). Shot of tracks with thistles growing at the edge. Small child picking up handful of mud by the side of a stream. Making a dam. Bridge at Langham, stone, three arches in foreground and village in background. Close-up of Telford's masons. Mark in the bridge. Shot of ruined abbey. Close-up of cloisters.

Edinburgh looking towards castle. Close-up shot of illustration. Title plan of the new streets and squares intended for the city of Edinburgh. Various buildings in Edinburgh. Shot of Somerset house (London) from south bank of Thames; St. Paul's. Close-up of map of Portsmouth, focusing on dock yards. Etched illustration of tall ships masts and sails. Close-up of design for a bridge. View of Ellesmere Canal with cattle grassing on banks and a fisherman sitting on bank. Etched illustration of same location showing scene in c. 1793. Horse-drawn long boat laden with pipes. Illustration of iron works at the brink of the Industrial Revolution. Contemporary shots of pleasure boats on canal. Shot of canal aqueduct from side, then holiday makers pushing barge along aqueduct from the footpath. Steep drop on one side, railings on the other 1000 feet long. From above looking down at the River Lee. 18 stone tiers, 100 feet high supporting cast iron trough. View of aqueduct from round the Rivers bend.

Landscape in Scottish highlands. Artists hand completing details of a crayon drawing of highland scene. Appears to be a road. Artist illustrating, road building technique, foundations and binding. View of bridge over River Lee. Another shot of bridge over River Spey. Policeman trying to help navigate a heavily laden Leyland truck over the bridge. Ten Morris Minors etc. crossing. Breakwater of Aberdeen. Trawlers and view of port. Fishermen unloading catch off. Interior of harbour. Engineers' office with engraving of harbour (dated 1830), and portrait of Telford above. Caledonian canal from barge.

Close-up of map of Scotland indicating route from Inverness to Fort William. Illustration of elevations from Fort William to Loch Lochy, to Loch Oich, to Loch Ness to Inverness. Contemporary view of pleasure craft entering locks, opening and closing of lock gates. View of private yacht on canal with snow capped Ben Nevis in the background. Three-masted ship entering lock.

Close-up of map of Scotland moving to Sweden, illustrating route of canal from Gothenburg o Stockholm. Pleasure craft on canal at Motala, from canal view of steelworks at Motala. Steamer passes through lock and enters lake. Damaged helicopter cargo on barge on canal. View of BP tanker driving over Tongland Bridge. RAC sign dating bridge to 1805.

Engraving of Broomenaugh Bridge in Glasgow. Illustration of horse showing
Telford on the way to check the construction. Map showing works completed in Scotland under the supervision of Telford. Three canals, 43 ports, harbours and piers, 1000 bridges and 1200 miles of road.

England. Cutting enclosing the Birmingham Canal. Engraving of St. Katherine's dock. Illustration of Telford bridge over Thames that was not in fact built. Single arch. Wales. Shot of Menai Straits and then Menai Bridge from car passing over, and then shot of ship passing underneath. Final shot bronze head.

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