Film: 8839

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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The office in action of a busy and medium sized company 1950's - communications for offices

Telex machine. Panorama of Norwich, Norfolk, and its market. Baskerville, Brown and Co. office, telex installed. Secretary, telephone exchange operator, telephone compared to new fangled telex, less personal, less accuracy, teleprinter. 'International Communications'. Typists at work, a small typing pool, including telex operator. Process of connection of telex call. International countries that are connected. Telex operator arrives for work and explains her work. Messages shoud be capital letters etc. Conversations by telex to France. Carbon copies or duplicating machine copies can be made. Automatic sender, hole punched paper, in operation. Hollerith machine, a type of early computer, punch cards, cost, directory.

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