Film: 8840

Railways | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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An impressionistic film evoking the magic of a train journey from the South to the North of Sweden 1940's

The remains of an abandoned boat is perched on a sandy beach. Overgrown grass conceal parts of a railway track. Steam gently wafts into shot. A steam engine train arrives at a station. Water is poured into the steam engine from a water hydrant. Steam bursts out from the chimney of the train. Nice shot of the train being rotated on a turntable. Impressionistic shots of wheels. The train leaves the station. A group of three children run to an overhead bridge to look down and marvel at the passing train. Montage of the driver's hands reaching for and turning brass levers. Poetic shots of tracks being aligned, wheels running slowly over tracks, overhead electricity cables and tracks from driver's perspective. In the waiting room a young blonde haired boy is admiring the posters, until his mother comes to pull him away. A couple kiss on the platform. A ticking clock indicates the train is due to depart. Close up of a man and woman's hand holding as the train leaves the station. People wave their loved ones off, and a man runs along the side of the train waving. The woman kissing her partner walks back along the platform giving a final wave with her white scarf as the train disappears. Dynamic shots of the train racing through the countryside. Close up of the drivers hands, his eyes, then gauges and instrumentation. Close up shots of baggage. Abstract shots of the sky, the shadow of the train on the ground, and the tracks. The train continues through the countryside. A seagull in flight. About a dozen horses canter away from the tracks as the train approaches. The train passes alongside a fast moving river, then forests. Next it passes lakes, lovely shots of the sky reflecting in the water.

The train approaches signals. Really good shots of the wheels changing tracks. Train passes a house and a woman looks through her curtains to watch the train. As rain begins the drivers switches on the windscreen wipers. The observant young man who earlier had been staring at the posters in the waiting room now stares out through the window. The train passes a town where a woman is standing in the rain. She is thoroughly drenched and appears to be posting a letter whilst watching the train pass. A man lies awake while his wife sleeps. In one of the carriages a mother and her children sleep.

The train passes through a tunnel and emerges into the daylight. In the distance are snow peaked mountains. The train passes more Swedish lakes and forests. A young boy who is wearing a peculiar hat runs onto the train track with his dog and walks the line.

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