Film: 8841

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Canada 1940's

General views of Canadian forests and wildlife, bear, raccoon, etc. Native Indian with canoe. Quebec farming family at dinner table. Horse and sledge in snow. Montreal general views. Village church. Maritime general views. Nova Scotia farmer. Orchard. Man sewing fishing net. Boat builders. Street scenes. Lumberjacks at work and eating bean stew. Tree falling. Factories. Toronto general views and aerial views. Street scenes. Cricket match. Orangemen parade. Prairie bison. Horse and plough. Railway. Russian immigrants arrive by train. Montage of orthodox church and synagogue spires. Hutterite colony. Chinese diner. Small town general views. Grain elevator silhouettes. Rockies. Surveyors. Blasting rock, constructing railway. Ship departs. School children.

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