Film: 8849

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Civil Defence Services in Bristol, Avon, England. Procedures to handle the blitz 1940's

Morning after a bombing raid during World war two , lots of bombed out buildings, soldiers and rescue services, digging through rubble looking for people still in the ruined buildings. Organisation of civil defences and how they are put into action. Incendiary bombs. Fire wardens report incidents to post. Women telephonist reports house bombed out. Linden and Coldharbour Road in Bristol. Emergency services organised in control room. Rescue party arrive at house. Picture of overall raid is seen. "Clifton busy tonight" casualty to hospital. Utility damage monitored. Reinforcements of emergency services from less effected areas. Warehouse fires. Food officers information on fire at warehouse. Control room hit. No telephones. Messagers now sent. Regional Office takes over. Rest centre, first aid posts, nurses, rest centre for those bombed out. Woman relates incident of bombing. Canteen. Re-housing, clothes distributed. Emergency committee. Mobile canteens. Stand pipes as water supplies cut. Demolishing houses and cleaning roads. Water carts. Casualties list. Information centres for missing relatives or ration books. Electrical station. Getting clocks back in order. A film made to reassure people that the structure is in place to cover all eventualities during a bombing raid. The tone is of great calm and no panic.

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