Film: 8851

Social History | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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A film about the Boy's Brigade (BB) 1940's

BB flag and recruitment poster. Boys in suits and jackets walk into a village hall, welcomed by boy in uniform. Boys queue at table in order to be recruited for the BB. Uniformed boys stand around. New recruits drill, march up and down in village hall with uniformed boys. Lectures on conduct expected, morality and loyalty to the Queen. The badges system is explained for achievements in crafts and first aid. The enrolment ceremony: new recruits in uniform sit in large church, a vicar presides. The winter session: boy bugler, drill, bible class: large hall full of boys which the BB hope 'to make Christian men'. Leisure activities: room full of boys playing board games and pool; gymnastics; learning the bugle in a group; cross country running; swimming and diving in pool; map reading and orienteering; communicating over a distance: signalling, radio and wireless operating, Morse code, flag signalling, semaphore. Annual company display in the spring (parents day): drill, gymnastic display: boys vaulting in shorts, crab-football, synchronised exercise display, first aid demonstration, applause, prize giving. Summer camp at Whitecliffe: rows of tents. Flag (Union Jack) raising with bugle accompaniment. Morning wash: boy appears from tent in pyjama bottoms, he stretches but is knocked down by the stream of boys that follow him out of the tent. He picks himself up, gets water from a tap and joins the other boys washing in a line. Boys file in to enormous marquee where they have breakfast. Shot of camp cook in tent. Boys run out of camp and across beach for their morning swim in the sea. Football and the lowering of the flag. Battelain display at Royal Albert Hall, London. Massed bands and Physical Training display by the Danish Boy's Brigade: boys in shorts doing somersaults and synchronised exercises. Form human pyramid. Parade for the King (George VI) and Queen at Windsor Castle in Berkshire (Princess Elizabeth is also there). They march before this Royal trio and are inspected by them. A form of Scouts organisation.

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