Film: 8853

Media | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Marlene Dietrich, "Blond Venus" clip. Robert Robertson interviews Josef Von Sternberg 1960's

He introduces him by quoting Sternberg who said a good actor was anonymous, to be moulded by the director. He created Dietrich, who was cold, therefore a perfect tool for the director's art. Autobiography of Sternberg 'Fun In a Chinese Laundry', a reference to an early Edison film.
RR - Why choose media where so many other people could hinder one's art?
JVS - Happens in all arts. Actors like to be directed until successful then they say they were abused.
RR - 'Editing a human being'
JVS - directing is arranging the 'objects' that are actors. Actor by actor is nothing. Applause is all they want. On the screen it is their shadows that are applauded and this does not bring satisfaction, which is why they are usually unhappy. A star who are established and now cannot be worked with as they will not submit to his direction.
He demands silence on his sets. He wants people not to wear wrist watches in case they disturb him, the genius at work in his art . Clip from "Blue Angel". Falling in love again number.

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