Film: 8855

Food + Drink | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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Public houses or pubs in the early 1980's.

An old man gives directions, over him is superimposed pub signs. There follow shots of various English pubs. A clock ticks. Close up of second hand reaching 12. Hands striking a match move to light the fire. A man sweeps and mops the floor. The fire burns higher. The man cleans the pub tables, glasses, arranges beer mats, offloads barrels. A cat sleeps by the fire. There are shots of the interior of the pub from all angles. The clock ticks. The landlord looks up. The other employees of the pub look up. The clock ticking. The doors open. There follow shots of beer bottles opening, drinks being poured, pints pulled. Slowly the pub fills up with customers. More drinks are served. The pub is now full, and everyones sitting around talking. Theres a table of deaf friends arguing in sign language. People are laughing together. A mans hands are rolling out pastry. Friends argue by the bar. The man is putting the final touches to steak and kidney pies. Different characters in the pub, old, young, farmers, school girls. Hands forking the edges of the pies. Friends chatting. On a table covered with plates of ploughmans lunches hands chop a pepper. An old man talking. The man slices french bread and arranges it on plates. He takes the steak and kidney pies out of the oven. Sailors talking. The landlady arranges trays of pies and pasties. She puts out chips, peas, pies. Shots of people eating traditional English food. Back to ticking clock, the landlord rings the bell, 'Time Please'. Tables filled with empty glasses, the barman grimaces and begins to put them away. He finds a coin under a glass and puts it into a bottle for charity.

Through an English village people are lined up in fancy dress, carrying buckets. A man blows a whistle and the race begins, the crowds cheer them on. A lifeboat splashes into the sea. A man is collecting money in a lifeboat box. The fancy dress runners race through the village. Life boat boxes. The runners reach the sea and scoop up water in their buckets. Life boatboxes which launch mineature boats when the coin is dropped. A real life boat sails into the sea. A tug of war outside the village pub. A coin drops into a Guide Dogs for the Blind collection box. A guide dog leads a blind man. The tug of war continues. The dog leads the blind man through a maze of cones. A three-legged race through the village. The landlord of the pub smashes his collection jar. A barrel rolling race. Counting the money. A sack race. Piles of money. A barrel lifting competition. The landlord starts a new penny jar- 'Kidney Appeal'. A scientist looks through a microscope. Money rolling through a N.S.P.C.C collection box. Scientist using machinery. Children in wheelchairs. A woman is making an announcement, and presents a cheque to another woman, everyone cheers.The clapping hands of men watching a cricket match, across the village green is the Barley Mow pub. The landlady pours a pint. People are getting ready for pub games, darts, pool, bowls, all kinds of traditional English pub games. Shots of darts players. The cricket game on the village green. The end of the games,shove hapney, cards, dominoes. A band is playing in the pub, drinks are served. A man sings by the piano and the pub-goers sing along. An Elvis impersonator sings at the front. An old lady sings by the fire. Four men harmonize. A piano is played, a sing-song. People talking together in the pub. A band is playing.

A group of bell ringers. The barmaid runs out of beer, she connects up a new barrel. A folk singer and banjo player entertain the crowd. A man sings to a piano. The crowd join in and cheer. The landlord rings the bell- 'Time, Ladies and Gentlemen'. Tables filled with empty glasses, people clapping. The customers leave slowly, the landlord locks up and starts to tidy away the glasses. Shot of the pub from the outside.

Public Houses Featured-

The Angel and White Horse, Tadcaster, Yorkshire
The Barley Mow, Tilford, Surrey
The Barn Owl, Ley Hill, Luton
The Bluebell, Langham, Norfolk
The Bowesfield, Stockton, Cleveland
The Bull and Tiger, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire
The Castle, Brentwood, Essex
The Corner House, Jesmond, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
The Cross Keys, Milton Keys
The Crown Hotel, Blandford Forum, Dorset
The Duke of Cumberland, Parsons Green, London
The Eagle, Middlesborough, Cleveland
The George, Charmouth, Dorset
The Golden Lion, Padstow, Cornwall
The Golden Lion, Port Isaac, Cornwall
The Ilchester Arms, Symondsbury, Dorset
The Jolly Maltsters, Fulham, London
The Milehouse, Stockton, Cleveland
The North Star, Long Benton, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
The Oddfellows Arms, Haswell, County Durham
The Royal Oak, Ideford, Devon
The Running Horse, Sunbury-On-Thames
The St.Kew Inn, St.Kew, Cornwall
The Swan, Surrey, Kent

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