Film: 8860

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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The story of Envol, a Christian magazine in Africa that is made 'by the people for the people' and is not imposed from outside 1960's

Map showing the areas of French speaking countries in Africa

Belgian Congo is selected for special attention. Leopoldville at the head of the Congo River. Statue of Stanley. Busy roads in Leopoldville - cars, buses, cyclist, policeman directing traffic on podium. Traditional villages against tower blocks, schools. Traditional ceremony - dance, drums. A modern African church. Federation of Protestant Missions invite Trevor Shaw, journalist, to Leopoldville. Dorothy Jenks, linguist, working with Baptist Missionary Society. Attempt to reach those who have not found Christianity though a magazine, Envol, that has to cross language and cultural barriers. Four different papers in different languages eventually published. Men shaking hands in an office. Motor bus on river. Crowds on harbour jetty. Bus carrying black Christians. Committee meeting. Woman sewing with machine outside. School girls singing and dancing outside. Men and women typing - men type setting and fixing plates onto printer. The front cover of Envol coming off the press. The finished magazine being bound and trimmed, packed and posted. Family relaxing outside as husband and wife talk. Vendor selling Envol to cyclist. Missionary school - Envol distributed to black pupils. A bar in Leopoldville - external only. Woman outside house holding and flanked by children. Men in office pray.

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