Film: 8861

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Brilliant training film, for really heavy hard pushing door-to-door salesman 1950's

Lindsay company selling water softener filters to a husband and wife - (scary! I found that I might want one!)

Man in a suit addresses the camera and talks to the trainee sales people watching. He delivers a cheesy spiel about Lindsay company water softeners ending with "Are you are ready to learn to earn?". Role play acted out on a stage. He rings a doorbell and a blonde woman answers. They go through to the living room and he shakes hand with her husband. The couple, Mr and Mrs White, sit on the sofa and he sits opposite the coffee table. He shows them the free gift they have received for letting him into their home. Close-up of him as he talks about the tests he can run to test their water for hardness and a demonstration of the water softener.
They walk into the stage kitchen, the couple sit at the table. The salesman takes very implements out of his briefcase for the demonstration including test tubes. He shows them a miniature water softener. He attaches a tube to the sink, turns on the tap and fills a beaker with water. He takes the tube off, fills a measuring tube with water straight from the tap and pours it into a mixing bottle. He then adds three drops of solution from three bottles in his briefcase. Close-up of the water having changed colour. The couple comment that it is like a deep purple. He shows it changing colour as he adds more drops of solution. He does the same with the softened water and it changes colour much more quickly showing
He fills two test tubes, one with water from the tap and one with water that has passed through the softener. He puts a solution in them and the water from the tap goes cloudy as the minerals separate and the softened water remains clear.
He fills two beakers with tap water and with softened water and places them on the table. He gets a soap solution and allows the couple to smell it. He adds drops to the water and covers it to shake it. Close-up of him shaking the beaker. After about thirty drops soapy suds form in the hard water. They appear after only four drops in the soft water. He sits at the table and shows them the cloudiness of the hard water and the clear water of the soft water. They see if they can see a pencil through the waters. The couple decide to buy the Lindsay Water Softener. He pulls out a brochure and they look through which one they want.
Final shot of the Lindsay company building.

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