Film: 8868

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Hilarious film about a young blonde 'chick' having a holiday romance in the Greek island of Rhodes, Kalymnos and Patmos 1960's

Holidays in Greece, she finds holiday romance, arty shots of her wandering around in flowery dresses. Good disco / nightclub scene. Great finale where the girl , Elgka and her Greek boyfriend, Nikolaos dive into the sea and swim across a harbour to meet each other.

Blonde girl in 1960s flower print dress, whips her hair around as she looks over her shoulder. She strikes several poses. A young man moves a camera away from his eye. The girl sticks her tongue out with a smile. The young man takes a picture, nods his head and laughs. Green leaves on the trees and then, the girl standing on a wooden platform in a green valley, she stands at a lookout point, and then turns from the wooden railing to walk back along the footbridge. Water dribbles over the rocks on a lush green shaded glen. The girl walks along the various bridges in Petaloudes, the Valley of the Butterflies, she leans on the wooden railings, looking contemplative. A young man jumps from under a tree onto one of the bridges. He whistles between his fingers to make noise so the butterflies move around. A bunch of butterflies mixed with leaves. Butterflies flying around. The boy and girl hug each other as they watch the colourful spectacle.
From the opposite mountain, the acropolis of Lindos stands out against the sea, the white painted village sits at the bottom of the huge walls. The girl walks around the castle in a sun hat, ancient ruins and columns cover the ground. The donkey market, some tourists are led away on the back of a burro. The girl walks down the stairs from the acropolis. Flash back, the girl sits on the same stairs, trying to get a thorn out of her foot, the young man bounds up the stairs and stops to help her, he takes the thorn out of her foot. Close ups of the girl's face and young man's face. He tours her around the acropolis. The two of them lean up against the crenulated walls of the tower and look down on Lindos, the man gestures over a the town but the girl just gazes at him adoringly and plays with her hair, very coy. The two of them ride a camel down a street in Rhodes New Town, led by a man, people in the sidewalk restaurants watch them. Fish swim in a tank at the Rhodes Aquarium. A sea turtle. Legs running along the beach. The girl runs along the beach at sunset in a bikini. The man follows her, running after her. Excellent shot of them both running towards us , with waves washing up on the sand, he finally catches her and they have 'a moment', gazing into each other's eyes.
The stag and doe at the Rhodes Harbour, a boat goes out between the two statues. The municipal buildings and harbour authority in Rhodes New Town. The girl in a sun hat and short trousers walks away from us under the canopy of the city hall. She crosses the street going towards the harbour. She walks down the wharf where boats are moored. She talks to two old fellows in a boat, they greet her enthusiastically. They say goodbye. POV moving along the road beside the walls of Rhodes Old Town. One of the main gates in the walls leading into the Old Town. The girl walks across the main Plateia in the Old town, beside a fountain. The main tourist streets in Rhodes Old Town, which sell cloth items and souvenirs. The girl walks up to a copper decorator where he sits at his booth, the doors open to the street and he greets her warmly. Samples of his work, of copper pressed works, a sailboat and a woman picking grapes. The girl leaves the man and he continues with his work. Close-up of his hands holding a hammer and small pick which he places on the copper plate and lightly taps. A woman in a white bathing suit lifts up out of the water as she holds onto a water-skiing rope, A woman starts to water ski. A speed boat pulls a water skier behind it. A woman in a pink bikini rubs her chest as she talks on the beach. A woman in a flower bikini relaxes on a beach chair. Two girls laugh on the beach. A man swims out towards a beach ball. Two blonde children sit on the sand on the shore, one of them cries as she holds her finger. An older man in a black trunks and a white toque hat walks down to the beach. The girl sits on a beach chair on a busy beach. A golf ball disappears in a mini golf hole. The couple play a game of mini golf in their bathing suits, then run away from the course hand in hand. A man does a perfect dive into the sea at one of the resort hotel beaches, people relax on the patio in deck chairs, drinking fancy cocktails. The couple move towards the hotel hand in hand. The sunset, then the couple in front of the sunset, they turn towards each other. Then the girl by herself on the same hillside at sunset, she looks down at the city.

Close up of a hand playing the electric guitar and then a hilarious shot of a singer in a taverna dressed in a traditional Greek vest and backed by similarly dressed band members who play traditional Greek instruments singing rock and roll passionately into a microphone. Great shots of people dancing, very disco-ish. Sally and Nikos sit at a table in the restaurant, holding hands across the table, he grabs a napkin and puts it over a glass of juice and turns it upside down, unfortunately we don’t get to see the rest of the trick because a group of his friends come in, all very excited, and they drag the couple out of the restaurant. A roulette wheel spins. A crowd of young people around the table look very tense as they wait for the ball to drop, the ball lands in red seven. Sally hugs Nikos as he smiles, they won.
Water splashes away from the prow of a boat, seen over the side. A crowded boat deck, a man stands above the crowd and does a folk dance. Sally stands against the cabin watching. Women in the crowd clap. Sally looks wistful.
Sally sits against the mast of a ship, Nikos climbs along the edge of the ship and hugs her as he joins her at the prow. The flowered streets of Crete, white houses, very posh hotels. Sally follows a porter who carries her bags, she stops at a table on the balcony. A man is walking away from her down the beach. Sally looks disappointed and walks away. A man puts a snorkel on and walks into the water in his flippers carrying a spear. Sally sits in the beach in her bikini as Nikos works on his boat. Sally gets up and walks towards the boat, Nikos turns as she approaches and shows her he was painting her name on the boat, he taps her on the nose with his paint brush but she dodges his hug and slips under his arms. She runs into the water. Nikos pulls of his shirt on the beach and plunges in after her. Sally in the water. Nikos swims but runs into the snorkler, who surfaces with a fish on the end of his spear. An ancient theatre, Nikos plays apart on the stage, Sally watches. She stands and claps, yelling bravo as he takes a bow.
Asklipion, they walk around the ruins. They stop and Nikos asks Sally to marry him, close up of her face as she looks troubled. Nikos pouts and run off. She runs after him down the stairs.
Two children on a tandem bicycle. Sally and Nikos ride bicycles down a street, she is ahead of him, he rides very badly. He wobbles along shakily. They ride out onto a pier and he passes her. He wobbles along the edge of the pier and then falls in t the water, with the bicycle. A row of flags along the harbour, then a fisherman talking to Sally, she has a large red flower in her hair. A close up of her face as she says 'Kalymnos'.
White Pothia, capital of the island, all the houses run down to the harbour. The square, whitewashed houses sand out from the green hills. Various views of the harbour. All fishing boats and churches along the waterfront. Steep stairways with wrought iron railings going up and up. Sally looks down on the harbour. Small boys run up wide steep white stairs as Sally goes down them. The statue of Poseidon on the waterfront. Sally enters shop where a woman is weaving on a loom. The cloth she is weaving. The woman leads her into another room and Sally meets the grandmother. Pictures on the wall of family and other grandparents. Sally is offered some sweet and she tastes it.
The harbour again, the men work on their fishing boats, pulling out their nets. Boxes and boxes of fish pulled in or out of the hold. Men sitting mending their nets. Sally sits down on a box, a man come sup behind her and blows a conch shell. She takes it from him and blows it louder. A painting of a sponge warehouse and then, the same sponge warehouse, men clip the sponges into round balls. A man's serious face while he works. Men in rubber gloves squeeze out the dirty sponges and throw them into another bin. Piles of yellow sponges, Sally on the wharf beside the bags of sponges, she joins some men who are working with the sponges, a small boy hands her one and she holds it examining it.
A diver in a full heavy diving suit is pulled up from the water, dimitris helps remove his mask and takes a cigarette out of his mouth and puts it in his cousin's. Sally is introduced to him. Three of them at a taverna, the cousin excuses himself. Three men dancing a folk dance, the dance of the diver. Nikos and Sally talk at the table, neither look very happy. The dance changes as one of the dancers takes a cane and pretends to be very bent over and old. He asks her one more time, and then leaves when she is so unsure. Sally leans on the table looking perplexed. The name Elgka written on a piece of paper, Sally holds it up in front of a man on the waterfront in Skala, Patmos, he points her further down the waterfront. She shows the sign to another man who tells her it is away. The white village of Skala. Very steep stairs. Sally in a monastery, she passes several monks. A monk pounds on a gong, calling the monks to prayer. Sally goes down some steps. Sally watches the monks go to prayer. A Greek orthodox monk lights candle. A icon of Jesus. A huge golden chandelier in the monastery of St. John. Where St. John wrote the book of revelations.
Sally leaves the monastery and as she does, boom, sudden close up of her. Zoom in to a boat coming into the harbour. Sally takes off at a run, very girly run with hands out to the sides all the way down to the harbour. Nikos moves forward on the boat as they move into the harbour. Sally reaches the wharf and waves as the boat comes into the harbour. Nikos' face as he sees her, she dives into the water. He dives off the boat and they meet in the water. A crowd lines the pier cheers, everyone on the boat goes nuts, one boy throwing the ropes around.

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