Film: 8871

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Trade Unions and meetings with the management 1950's

People working. People going to work. Close up of feet. A man working. Different people working in different places. People holding a meeting in a room. One of the men then goes to the factory and speaks to one of the men who were working. A man is signing a paper "… will start at 7.00pm and I hope to attend. Chief Shop Steward".
A man comes in and they start speaking. People are working. Two men are speaking. Another man enters. They are all talking. The third man leaves and the other two are speaking while one of them is working. The man is angry. One of the men leaves, while the other continues to work. Close up of a clock. A man is writing while the others are working. A man in his office. As he writes, another man comes in. He gives him something to read and they start talking. The man is smoking. He answers the telephone. A man is asking everyone if they know something. People are working. A man is calling others because he wants to speak with them. He is very angry. In the middle of the discussion, a man comes in and listens to what he is saying. They all start arguing with him. In the end, everybody leaves except three men and the one who arrived late. They are still speaking. The man leaves and the other two continue to speak.
At home one of the men is speaking with his son. He is angry. A woman comes in with food. They are speaking. The man is eating while the woman washes the dishes. They start arguing with each other. Before the man leaves, he gives money to his son. He is still writing. People are walking on the street. A man is at his office. Another comes in. They talk. People in a meeting. A man is showing something to the others. They are speaking. It is lunch time. Two men are eating and speaking. People holding a meeting. They are arguing with each other. One of the men is speaking on the telephone. They all go to another room where they meet a man. All sit down and start speaking. People working. Close up of a machine. People working. People leaving.

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