Film: 8873

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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A film focusing on the potential to increase productivity in British industry by using 'Work Study'. Time and Motion Study 1950's

Men in classroom in suits, male teacher at front of room with black board. Men in overalls studying diagram. Men and women engaged in discussion around a table, a meeting or lesson, a model is on the table. Women working with sewing machines. There are piles of clothes scattered everywhere. Men drilling. Women in white overalls weighing out tablets in a pharmaceutical factory. Women in same factory packing pills. A 'flow-process chart' (type of flow-diagram). Man with clip board watching over woman. Electronic equipment. Men working in workshops and factories. 'Skilled man' filing a small component.
Very good clothing factory or even sweat shop of Benjamin Russell and Sons Ltd, Leicester. Women bundling up clothes and working at sewing machines. The system is streamlined with the use of conveyor belts and reorganising the work space. Templates are used to cut many items where they were individually cut by hand with scissors. Although the former was a job done by a man and the latter a woman ! Perhaps post war man taking back a job from a woman. Machinists sewing garments parts together. Man and women inspecting the machinist's work.

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