Film: 8879

Railways | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Tube trains and Electric trains in the 1940's, operating mainly on the London Underground but also on Tyneside, Liverpool to Birkenhead Line, Bombay in India and Melbourne Australia.

London underground train passes through Kensal / Queens Park area.
London Underground train passes at high level over a grassy bank. Tube train emerges from a tunnel in a urban London setting, we follow it as it passes the back gardens of terraced housing and then more suburban style houses and track side buildings. Two shots of the London underground tube trains passing overground. One passes under a gantry and disappears into a tunnel, it can do this as it is smokeless electric train.
A brass plate for the City and South London Railway 1889. Still of first electric train in the world. Graphic map showing first line Bank to stockwell, three mile journey. Still of the Bank of England. Then map shows Bank to Shepherds Bush line. The first motor coach taking over from a locomotive . Graphic map showing extension of the lines both underground and overground served by electric trains. Four tube trains side by side. A electric train at a station, all overground. Trains to see where the power is provided giving a high rate of acceleration.
Power station to provide the electric power, maybe Battersea. Tug on the river Thames pulls boats of coal. Pylons to distribute the power. Electric cables for local distribution, a wall of cables. A wall of cable carrying the ac. Inside a sub station, man at the controls. Two men with their backs to us work at desks in the sub station, one on the phone, he then gets up and checks a plug ?
Panels with the labels for Holloway Road, Manor House, Wood Green, Arnos Grove sub stations indicating where the power is required. The man moves a switch. Arnos lights up.
Really nice shot of Dollis Hill tube station sign then across to men reading newspapers waiting for the train it arrives, we see the curved art deco waiting room, they get up to board. A group of women waiting for the doors to open, they step down into the carriage. Another shot of people boarding the tube train. The platform and guard. Close up of feet stepping into the tube train carriage. Latecomers run to the doors, the guard raises his arm top get the train off. The train doors close.
Two men work on the control unit of the train in a workshop, two large wheel sand a axle. The inside of the control unit, [positive and negative. The accelerating unit. The line breaker. Inside the contact which carries the main current. The contact operating. The trainer unit working, pointer used to show the operation. The accelerating unit. The arrangement of the cams. Shown in both directions. Layout drawing, we are shown the elements before described. A driver's hand on the "dead man's handle" in close up which drives the train. We are shown his hand movement on the handle start up, running speed and stopping and then shown by diagram what is happening.
On tyneside, an electric train moves slowly over a grand metal bridge. Electric suburban train on the track. Lower level shot of electric train passing signal box. Driver in the cab. Passing industrial and warehouses landscape. POV drivers eye shot of the track, big gantry with many signals, lots of tracks. Tyneside docks passing. Driver in cab. Passing train. Wirral Peninsula, a more tube train passes on the tracks. Two shots of Liverpool to Birkenhead line, one past a signal box. POV driver as another t rain passes by. Long shot of Driver driving. Train pulls in and electric double doors open, sign "press to open" group of people come out. On the busy Platform, crowds get off the train, some in World war two uniforms. Clean train side. Train passes under a bridge and the level crossing gates swing closed behind it.
Electric train services in the suburbs of Bombay ( Mumbai) India, lots of men in white shirts move around the station, down the slopes to the train. The side of an Indian train, and a man caries a heavy parcel off the train. A man boards in a pith helmet. Close up of man on train in pith helmet. Train moves out with number 12 painted on the front. View at the top of the train where the current is picked up. The train passes a water buffalo and palm trees. Really excellent views of Melbourne Flinders Street Station, Victoria, Australia the lovely exterior of the station. A sign reading "Melbourne Flinders Street". Passengers on the platform watch a train coming into the station, lady in hat in the foreground, passengers disembark as others board the train. Overhead wires. Train departs the station as a guard waves a red flag. Several good shots of suburban trains leaving the station outside Melbourne Australia.
Back to Britain, an overground underground station, a group of passengers wait at Kilburn station as the train enters, two girls run along the platform. The crowd moves to where the double doors are, and enter when they open. A guard watches the passengers board. The doors shit. Close up of hand on the drivers handle. The train pulls out of Kilburn tube station. POV driver eye view of fast moving train on the tracks. Then as entering a tunnel. Driver's cab, he turns on a light. Group of passenger read the newspaper in the dark on the tube. The tunnels, long POV driver shot. A second long tunnel shot, just with the rim of the tunnel shown. Driver. Train emerges at an underground station, moving shot of the platform with people waiting. Direction sign pointing to Piccadilly Platforms can be seen. The guard close up of fingers pushing two buttons to open the door. Passengers enter the open doors. The guard looks out then push one button to close the doors. We see the guard in the open door as the trains leaves the station with "craven A" cigarette advertising. London Bridge station, many tracks with trains. A view of Victoria as the trains leave the main area, a electric train in the back ground then a steam train in the foreground. A montage of electric train shots of various sorts.
"Electric Traction, the transport of the future"

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