Film: 8882

History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Life in Ancient Egypt reconstructed 1970's

Ivory and ebony armchair. Description of design. Gilded side-panes, etc. Temple of Luxor in ancient city of Thebes. Statue of Tutankhamun in museum of Cairo, Egypt, North Africa. Description of Time-periods within ancient Egyptian Empire. Various stone carvings, boy, lion, queen, trinkets from tomb, inclusing boxes and lock of hair. Ruins of Armanah. Carving of Tutankakhamun's father. Collosi of Nimnun. Shot of mountain range. Remnants of palace, showing Ankh wall designs. Statues of Akanaten and Nefatiti. Mosaic. Box removed by Howard Carter from Tutankhamun's tomb. Fire making, drill and wooden block, pen and pen case, illustration, carving of Princess Meritaten, Smevkara. Tutankhamun's foot stool, carving of coronation and annointment. Temple of Hamun, interior showing statues etc. Depiction of heiroglyph spellings of Tutankhamun's name and previous name. Carving of head of Hamun. Statue of Tutankhamun's general staff officer. Excavation of small tomb. Gold covered planks from Queen Ti's shrine, jars with human headed stoppers for embalming of organs, mummy in gilded coffin (probably Smevkara). Painting of Tutankhamun hunting. Painting of war scene. Explanation of conflict with Hittites. Body of Tutankhamun, with X-ray of skull. Mummies of two stillborn children. Wall paintings within Tutankhamun's burial chamber.
Constant footage of relics from inside tomb, with story outlined by voice over. Nice depiction of paintings and carvings, with explanations of content.

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