Film: 8884

Feature Drama | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Story of a knife thrower and his gorgeous wife, who is also his assistant and an accident as he hits her in a performance or was it an accident ?! 1950's

Two men playing chess and drinking. Circus entertainment, belly dancer, lights etc. A knife throwing act, man in blindfold throwing knives one at a time at beautiful woman in swimsuit. Close up of woman smiling after first knife thrown by her head. Second and third knife thrown. They take a bow.
There is a magician on the same bill as them who the wife looks at intently.The wife is on the beach outside their house, the knife thrower hears laughter, looks out of the window and sees that she is with the magician. When she comes back in she puts a handkerchief the magician has given her on the bed and goes to change, the knife thrower holds the handkerchief and moving it around knocks down a mirror which he breaks. She returns and shows him a trick with the handkerchief. Scene on beach where knife thrower draws the face of the magician in the sand. As he walks up to his wife the knife thrower sees the magician performing a trick with handcuffs, the knife thrower asks for the cuffs to be put on him and he finds himself unable to get out of them, the magician and wife laugh. After a show he tells his wife that he has business to attend to and will be away for the night, however he returns the same night. At home, his wife has a voodoo doll that looks like him with pins inserted. Backstage, before a show, he sees the magician and his wife getting close. At the knife throwing display he decides to hit her with a knife, but is unable to do so because of years of practice at not hitting her. The next night he performs the act without his trademark blindfold, the lady looks worried, with the final knife he hits her and she collapses into the arms of the magician.

We return to the knife thrower in a chair telling the story, he says his wife survived and was soon out of hospital, and never looked at another man again. He asks his wife to confirm this and she smiles as she embroiders, he finishes by throwing a knife at the picture of his wife on the wall and misses her.

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