Film: 8885

Media | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Kid Shadow emerges from sea in order to discover the secrets of film lighting and lighting special effects 1970's

A calm sea at sunrise. A snorkeller with wet-suit on emerges. He removes bits of wet suit and walks off along sandy beach. He is still wearing flippers. He opens door standing alone on beach and gets drenched in water. He opens mail box - letters emerge. He sleeps on hammock on beach. Man with helmet and chain mail walking in surf. Man with gas mask in rocking chair. Fairground ride. Still with wet suit man enters deserted town surrounded in mist. Woman playing piano in house - examples of different lighting techniques on woman. Men playing cards at saloon table. Four different types of lighting introduced. Man with wet suit opens trunk in street. Woman dancing used to illustrate effect of coloured gels. Over exposed shots as first cowboy appears then old woman. Under exposed shots - shadow of skeleton then the skeleton itself. Sources of light being filmed - neon, different coloured lights, fireworks. Single shaft of light in undertakers. Moving light source. Wet suited man finds alien under sheet. Sunset over a calm sea - man enters sea.

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