Film: 8890

Entertainment + Leisure | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Antlers Fair at Mid-Surrey golf Club 1970's

Two men carrying rakes. The golf course, slow pan. Preparation of stores: wine, spirits, golf items. Woman typing in office. Woman in dining room setting places. People playing golf - stalls in background (men and women. Putting. Men buying raffle tickets at table under trees. Women of all ages at stalls. Girl eating ice lolly. Woman in golf shop. Men playing snooker. Men in the club bar drinking pints of beer. Man with megaphone on grass. Women smoking and drinking in bar. Woman taking food from buffet tables. Temporary bar and buffet in marquee. People eating and drinking outside club house. Brass band. Man carrying child. Children throwing balls at stall, playing skittles, at coconut shy, breaking coconut with hammer, fair or fete type amusements. Baby in pram with ice cream. Snooker. Announcing raffle prizes. Camera crew. Woman counting money at desk. Golf and country life.

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