Film: 8892

Sport | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Australian Cricket in the 1960's

Medium paced left-arm bowler runs into the wicket and delivers cricket ball at stumps at other end. Cricket ground deserted apart from him. Ball pitches outside batsman’s crease and dislodges leg stump and bail. Title ‘At the Wicket’ over still of batsman playing stroke being watched by wicket keeper and two slip fielders. Aerial shot of Hong Kong, then picture of cricket match in progress. Another match in progress, with mountain in the background, in Hawaii. Australian players taking the field, then dense crowd of spectators shown. Match in progress with Australian right-arm spinner bowling over the wicket to Afro-Caribbean left-handed batsman. Probably test match between Australia and the West Indies. Batsman hits the ball off the back foot, probably for a boundary, as the fielding team applaud. Next batsman and two other players sitting in pavilion also applauding. Male adult and two young boys then watching schoolboys playing as batsman hits ball and completes two runs
Amateur adult match as batsman hits ball. Picture of Australian outback and match in progress. Bare-chested bowler in shorts and plimsolls bowls to batsman on artificial wicket. Richie Benaud and Sir Donald Bradman present and past Australian Test Cricketers in their whites on the perimeter of a cricket ground, looking towards the square. Benaud then asks Bradman about his enjoyment of cricket. Benaud then speaking to young player. Benaud, in cricket batting pads walks towards deserted wicket where a bat lies on the ground. Benaud picks up bat and camera moves to shot of correct stance at wicket. Close up of handgrip on handle of bat. Feet shown slightly apart, either side of batting crease, then view of Benaud ready at crease from bowler’s end of pitch. Young man takes stance at wicket in nets of same ground. Children watching attentively from behind the wicket and net. Shots of young man adjusting batting stance to correct position. Benaud talking to young man, then another Australian cricketer, Keith Miller, walking to deserted wicked and taking up batting position. Action between England and Australia, with Miller striking a boundary from the bowling of England’s Alec Bedser. Miller then shown demonstrating forward drive stroke. Hits ball and stroke shown again in slow motion. Young man shown again in nets with poor demonstration of previously demonstrated forward drive. Australian Test player Bill Lawry demonstrates the bad stroke of the young man and the cricket ball breaks the wicket in slow motion. Miller then playing shot off back foot, repeated in slow motion. Defensive back stroke then demonstrated and repeated in slow motion. Young man shown playing same shot correctly. The left-handed Lawry is then shown playing a forward defensive stroke again repeated in slow motion. Lawry shown making his guard in batting crease and playing forward attacking shot. Spectator at match viewing through binoculars and action from Australia versus England, with Lawry batting , playing a ball bowled by England’s Brian Statham off his legs for a single run. Lawry then shown demonstrating the ‘pull’ shot which is repeated in slow motion. Neil Harvey, another left-handed Australian Test cricketer is shown walking to the deserted wicket in pads and gloves, with bat. He makes his mark on the batting crease and demonstrates the forward drive, repeated in slow motion. The back drive is shown by Harvey, followed by a crowd shot, and Harvey in action in a Test Match against England, playing the back drive for a boundary against the bowling of England’s Frank Tyson. Crowd applauding, three in paper hats. Harvey shown demonstrating the back drive in slow motion. Then advancing down the wicket driving the short-pitched ball, repeated in slow motion with close up of feet movement. Same stroke demonstrated by right hand Australian Test batsmen, Peter Burge, in Australian ‘baggy’ cap. Repeated in slow motion with close up of feet movement. Behind wicket is positioned Australian Test wicket-keeper Wally Grout, in pads, gloves and Test cap. Burge shown advancing down the wicket. Missing ball and being stumped by wicket-keeper Grout. Action from Australia versus England Test Match with England’s batsman the Reverend Davis Shepherd slipping over after calling for a run. Crowd shot of young woman eating an ice cream cone. Another Australian Test cricket wicketkeeper, Barry Jarman, is shown demonstrating catching cricket ball and breaking the wicket. Repeated in slow motion. Wrong position shown then correct position in slow motion. Shown from off and leg side off wicket. Jarman crouched behind wicket while batsman receives ball. It is hit into the covers where it is fielded correctly in slow motion by a player and thrown back to Jarman behind the stumps who breaks the wicket before the batsman can get back. Dense crowd shown at Test Match, then action from match, with batsman successfully caught behind the wicket by the keeper. Crowd applaud. Young batsman shown hitting ball at wicket and attempting to run. Player retrieves ball and throws at wicket. Batsman shown in slow motion grounding his bat as he approaches the batting crease, successfully achieving run as ball hits wicket. Richie Benaud then shown coaching young batsmen, before showing him talking to Sir Donald Bradman. Bradman’s house as a boy shown, then young boy hitting golf ball against tank stand with cricket stump. Film of Bradman in action batting. Young man practising cricket shots without ball, but with bat. Bradman, in Test cap, pads and gloves batting in nets. Close up of stance, then handgrip on bat, as Bradman plays backwards defensive shot to ball. Bradman’s back lift of bat concentrated on, and shown in slow motion, and then again. Behind the wicket, low level shot of Bradman receiving ball and playing shot in slow motion. Benaud crouching with young man then crowd scene and scoreboard. England batsman Len Hutton shown ducking under ball and falling to ground. However Hutton, not shown on previously seen scoreboard that shows ten England Test players names clearly. Crowd scene, then more action with Barry Shepherd being given out lbw. Return to young man in nets playing poor shot. Another Australian left-handed batsman, Bob Cowper, shown demonstrating the art of timing the stroke, and again in slow motion. Benaud and young man shown watching intently. Batsman shown playing square cut stroke. Cowper demonstrates same stroke then in slow motion with the left handed grip being shown in close up. Shot repeated and in slow motion. Benaud and young man converse while watching. Peter Burge then demonstrates the sweep stroke in normal speed then in slow motion. Shot shown again from leg side. Young man shown in nets playing more straightforward strokes. Action shown from another Australia versus England test match. Young man throwing cricket ball to man holding bat and catching return shots for catching practice. Peter Burge then shown hitting the ball and being caught by a diving Neil Harvey one handed. Wally Grout shown crouched behind the wicket and Bill Lawry hooking a ball ferociously. Young man exits nets with bat under arm, removing batting gloves as he exits.

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