Film: 8896

Food + Drink | 1950 | Sound | Colour


Cooking and cookery techniques of boiling and simmering. Seems to be pitched at teaching use of electric cookers 1950's

Close up the face of Philip Harben, he talks about the importance of cooking, he stands behind a low table in a white shirt and red tie, a striped apron wrapped high around his middle, 'cooking is not taken seriously enough in England,' he holds an egg up beside his face and then drops it on the cutting board that sits on the table, he walks away from the table to another counter to the right. And egg on a grained piece of wooden counter. Three pots sit on a cooker top, covering three of the elements, Philip stands behind the cooker, only his lower belly visible, his hands lifts one of the pot handles, the pot is filled with oil and has one of those ringed sifters in it for taking deep fried things out of grease. A hand turns the dial on the side of the stove to full. The hands lifts the lid of one of the large brown pots, inside water boils around the carcass of a chicken, making stock, the hand puts the lid back on. The grill door is opened on the front of the cooker, the hand reaches in a takes out a grill rack, Philip's other hand makes a pressing down motion to the top of the rack, he puts the grill rack back into the oven and closes the door. A hand turns a red knob on the other side of the stove to one. A hand moves a pot by the handles to another element on the stove top. The oil pot returns to its place to the side of it, the brown lid is lifted off the front brown pot , steam pours out and water bubbles. Philip talks. The lid is replaced on the pot. Philip talks. His hand lifts the lid of the smaller brown pot, steam comes out and water boils and bubbles inside, he removes the lid completely, a thermometer lowers into the water. A hand holds a long thermometer, the mercury moves up the thin pipe in the middle, it stops at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. A hand turns the knob on the front of the stove down to 3. The water is calmer and only steams a little in the pot the water 'simmers', the thermometer is put into the water in the pot, the fingers hold the end of the thermometer, the mercury rises to 212 F. The thermometer is held in the pot, then removed, the other hand replaces the earthenware lid of the pot.
A piece of raw meat lies on the wooden surface of the counter. An onion appears beside the meat, then four small carrots without their tops. The onion turns into finely chopped onion and the carrot is turned into sliced carrots rounds, the meat turns into sliced meat chunks. The meat and vegetables lie on the cutting board, Philip's lower body walks up behind the counter with a pot in one hand and a white pitcher in the other, he puts the pitcher beside the cutting board and sweeps the vegetables and the meat into the pot, then pushes the cutting board forward and puts the pot in front of him. Three small canisters are beside the working area, a pepper mill, a jar of herbs and a salt shaker, his hands pick up the glass jar of herbs and sakes them into his hand, dumping them in the pot, the same with the pot and then the pepper. The pepper mill works over the pot of raw ingredients, the pitcher of water is poured over the meat and vegetables, the water just covers the meat.
He brings the pot over to a range and puts it on one of the front burners. He moves the kettle on the back burner towards him. He fiddles at the front of the stove. A hand turns the element temperature knob up to Full. Philip talks. The pot on the stove, with the onions floating on the top. Philip leans over to the side. A hand turns the knob down to 1. Philip talks, looks down. The pot, a finger is put in the water and quickly drawn out again. Philip snatches his finger back. The lid is put on the pot. Philip talks about keeping the water just below boiling…at a simmer! . The pot on the stove. Philip talks. He walks behind the counter, then the cutting board and the seasonings and the knifes are beside it, a cupboard buffet stands behind him. Philip picks a small watch up from the cutting board and walks away.
Philip walks in front and stops, he holds the watch in his hand, the stew has been in for an hour and a half. His hand tips forward a colander with four peeled potatoes in it, the colander is put back down on the chopping board. Philip talks and then walks away. His hand lifts the brown stoneware lid of a pot, steam comes of the water inside, the other hand holds the colander, he puts the potatoes ion

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