Film: 8898

Road Transport | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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M1 Motorway construction 1950's

Good aerial views of motorway construction. Opening shot - map of England - London to Midlands, showing route of M1. Shots of earth-moving trucks, then aerial views of road - two 36ft carriage way is shown by scale-model. Many bridges will be needed. Target is conflation in 19 months. Shots of plans and of machinery. Shots of trucks and diggers in action. 4000 men employed on the first 55-mile section. Woods had to be cleared. Traffic controlled by neighbouring roads - diversion. We see a temporary bridge over a river. Water mains and electricity lines had to be moved. Temporary offices are seen at Newport Pagnell. More shots of diggers and trucks. Scene of of plant bogged down in mud. Spares are brought by helicopter. Petrol and diesel have to be supplied and stored. Aerial views of progress - bridges over railways and canals. Close-up of viaduct over River Nene. Concrete sections of bridges are made on site. Scenes of workers bringing 'aggregate' (gravel). Different layers of the surface are shown - concrete and tarmac. More aerial shots of Luton. Dunstable railway cross up bridge and off a large two-stored junction. Large viaduct over River Nene. Engineers and planners are seen at work. Night working is shown.

Commentary is clear and explicit but sound is poor.

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