Film: 8899

Places + Locations | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Australia. Recent immigrants to the country describe their experiences. Suburbs, barbies, BBQs, sunshine lifestyle, cities and 1970's fashions.

Life in Sydney, New South Wales, NSW
Various aerial shots of Sydney Opera House and harbour front. Street scenes of central Sydney, ferries and public transport. A bungalow in the suburbs. A man exits the front door and kisses his wife and daughter goodbye as he leaves for work. He walks along a quiet residential street before reaching a busier road. He boards a train at his local station and takes a seat. View from a train’s perspective as it travels into the city. Man emerges from a subway into Sydney’s city centre. Sign on a building a a major junction says, Town Hall Lounge. The man at work in a printing firm. He oversees printing and typesetting. A housewife shops in a supermarket. Man at home with his daughter, gardening in their back yard vegetable patch. They wash their hands in the bathroom. The man gets a shirt out of his wardrobe and puts it on. His wife serves dinner at the kitchen table. The family enjoy a visit to the beach and walk hand in hand on the sand. Aerial views of various Sydney beaches.

Life in Brisbane, Queensland
Various shots of Brisbane city centre. Crowds of pedestrians crossing the street. Shop window “closing now” sign. Men working from a gantry on a building. Tall city buildings. People sitting in the sun. Bridge across the river. A fun fair. Pedestrians in the street. A fountain in a park, with people sitting around and enjoying the sun. Two mechanics work on hydraulic crane. Woman in a great 1970s dress gets into a mini car that is parked in a car park. She reverses out of the parking space and drives down a residential road. A building plot where a house is being constructed. The mini pulls into a newly built house and parks under a veranda. Woman in the kitchen cutting vegetables. Father sits at the kitchen table helping his son with home work. Amateur football or soccer match. Friends and family sit on the grass, supporting the players from the side lines. Typical Aussie BBQ or Barbecue. Women chatting, kids playing with a dog and the men doing the barbie.

Life in Melbourne, Victoria.
Various street shots Melbourne, the city’s trams and streets busy with traffic and people. Two bricklayers at work building a wall. Woman and a young boy get shopping out of a car boot and walk into a house. They place the bags and basket on the kitchen worktop, where a teenage girl is cleaning the sink. They start putting the shopping away. Boys in metalwork class at school. Small orchestra or band practising. Family visit a house for sale.

Life in Hobart, Tasmania
Various street shots in Hobart. Cars getting off a ferry. A taxi cab. Seagulls in the park and people sitting around a fountain, enjoying the sunshine in their lunch break. Man drives a delivery van through residential streets. He delivers a box to a butchers' shop. The butchers are cutting up meat. Man works behind a busy bar. Woman doing housework in her lounge room, which is an excellent representation of a 1970s home. She is using a carpet sweeper. Man watering with a hose. Woman making a bed. Young girls in their school uniforms wash dishes at the kitchen sink. Mum comes in and kisses them both. Girl feeds a parrot in a cage. Older sister brushes her younger sister’s hair. Father and daughter go jogging beside a lake.

Life in Adelaide, South Australia
Various scenes in Adelaide, streets, people, statues, boating on a lake and horse riding in a park. Men paint white lines on the road. Tram and a fountain. New home being built. Man works on the roof as plumber, bending copper pipes and fitting a water tank. Yachting at the beach. A mum plays with her kids in the shallow waves. Kids shower in the garden. Mother gets a surfboard out of the car boot. Children in the bath. Kids doing somersaults on gym mats in the playground. Kids at primary school. Family reunion at Adelaide Airport.

Life in Perth, Western Australia
Various street shots Perth. City buildings, streets and lots of pedestrians. People enjoying the park. An outdoor restaurant. Black swans. View of the city skyline. BBQ in the park. A boating lake and baby in a pram. Kids playing in the park around a fountain. Yachting and a boat marina. A house being built. A man works on site as a carpenter. He uses a circular saw to cut lengths of timber and tosses them to another man working on the roof. Woman exits a shop with a shopping trolley and walks through the shopping centre. Panel van pulls into a residential house. Inside the home, two kids do a bad job of making their bunk beds. Two kids play with a bat and ball in the back garden. An above ground pool is in the background. Young girl brushes her teeth at the bathroom sink. Older daughter serves herself a plate of food in the kitchen. Mother gives a mug to the father who is sitting at the dining table. Large family of 5 kids. Family outing, kids sitting on large boulders and paddling in a stream.

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