Film: 8899

Places + Locations | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Australia by Recent immigrants to the country describe their experiences. Suburbs, barbies, sun and sail and so on 1970's

Various aerial shots of Sydney Opera House etc. Man leaves bungalow. Train pulls into station. Print factory interior. Supermarket. Man works vegetable patch. Tomatoes. Woman puts food on table. Various shots of beach. Various shots of Brisbane, crowds. Mechanics work on hydraulic crane. Mini drives down road. Amateur football match. Barbecue. Various street shots Melbourne. Bricklayer at work. Boys in metalwork class. School orchestra. Various street shots Hobart. Man enters butchers' shop. Man works behind bar. Girls wash dishes. Jogging beside lake. Various scenes Adelaide. Man works on roof as plumber. Playing on beach. Children in bath, in playground, at school. Various street shots Perth. Odd ducks on pond. Man works as carpenter. Home life, siitng down for meal. Kids play bat and ball. Swimming in stream.

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