Film: 8904

War + Military | 1910 | Silent | B/W


World War One Propaganda - Once a German Always a German

Animation made by Lancelot Speed at Neptune Studios, Elstree
Cartoon of Kaiser Wilhelm and Emperor Franz Ferdinand amassing weapons whilst Britain sleeps. Titles John Bull is fast asleep. Hoch! Hoch! Cartoon continues with Kaiser grabbing Belgium off the map. Woman lying on ground asleep is grabbed by Kaiser and put in chains. John Bull, asleep is roused by Britannia with her trident and goes to the aid of the woman.
Britannia plays her trumpet ( call for arms)

German officers at large house, prisoners of war shown to public to show how well looked after they were
Next there are official pictures of British army in France. Dark film of waterlogged trench, and with sandbags. Balloons are being sent up in the air with papers attached.
Propoganda film shot to show Germans that what they said about destroying Piccadilly Circus, Houses of Parliament and Mansion House was totally untrue.
Shots of Piccadilly Circus with traffic and people, also some horse and carts.
Soldier stands on Westminster Bridge holding up a board which says September 26th 1917. Camera then pans up to show Big Ben in background. Traffic in City area of London, Mansion House building. Then shots of busy Strand with Charing Cross Hotel in background and pedestrians and taxis etc in foreground. Some stills of cameramen, including Cecil Hepworth

A Promotional film called 'Anna' for Savings/ War Bonds made by Hepworth, starring Chrissie White and Henry Edwards

Man standing outside a shop in Shepperton and woman approaches holding a basket. She goes into shop and comes out with a pass book for savings. They discuss it and then she waves and walks off into a field.

Animation of Kaiser Bill's face in squares which are then blacked in. A picture of smiling John Bull appears promoting war bonds.

5'14 John Huntley standing by road sign which says Ham (France) which is where DW Griffith made film 'Hearts of the World' starring Lilian Gish and Robert Harris Archive film of exterior of large house with DW Griffiths and others. Then seen walking on old battle ground near Ham where film is to be shot. Scenes from the film and DW Griffiths on the set.
He receives the Chevalier d'honeur at the studio.
Archive footage of the end of the war Nov 1918 and French, German and British troops all celebrating and joking together.
12'06 Film made to show man returning to his family in England.
Funeral of unknown warrior takes place and unveiling of cenotaph in Whitehall. George V places wreath there. War widows receive posthumous medals from George V.
Huntley to cam and then shots of thousands of graves with children walking through with flowers and putting them on graves.
Then General? Is seen in open carriage being mobbed by crowd. British troops marching in France on their return with children running between them soldiers waving at the camera.
Lloyd George meets some of the soldiers and shots of many of them returning on crutches or bandaged up. Long queue of people near Nelson's Column down to Whitehall and leaving flowers at the Cenotaph

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