Film: 8907

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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A film about the first nine months of life 1950's

Side view of a pram and a baby's arms and legs peeping out while opening titles roll. A sunny beach with waves lapping on the sand. People sunbathe and a fair haired couple in swimming costumes run into the sea hand in hand. They face each other and splash each other with water. They embrace. Voice over says "this is the story of Eric and Ingrid and their first child…the child exists as yet only in their wishful dreams". Ingrid sits at her dressing table and stares into the mirror. Eric appears behind her and they smile at each other. A laboratory and a man in a white coat with test tubes. Close up of the urine test, white circles with a red spot in the middle to indicate positive/negative. Ingrid dressed in a pink jacket and skirt walks through a park, children play in a sandpit and on slides. A man sits at a desk wearing a white jacket and black bow tie. He reads from a piece of paper and Ingrid smiles. Voice over - "Ingrid is told that her test is positive". Ingrid walks in a park by a lake where two children are paddling. She smiles at them. Diagram of a woman's body and a view of the womb with a little spot to indicate the size of the baby at this point. Diagram and the voice over talks about a woman's sexual organs and the releasing of an egg each month (menstrual cycle). Diagram of the egg forming in the ovaries and being passed along the fallopian tubes. Diagram of the male body and explanation of the function of the testicles and penis. Diagram of the penis entering the vagina and releasing the sperm. Close-up of the sperm and the fertilisation of the egg. Diagram of the child forming.
Eric and Ingrid lying in bed and Eric wakes his wife. She has morning sickness. Voice over says some women feel fit and happy when expecting a baby and some become depressed. Ingrid at first shuns a cup of tea from Eric but then begins to take tentative sips.


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