Film: 8914

Road Transport | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Taking a driving test - really great earnest looking pupil in a suit and kindly driving examiner, driving very properly, with idiots on the roads around them. Lots of 1970's cars.

Lots of cars on the road, focus on various cars with Learner plates. Close-up of a building with the sign "Department of the Environment, Driving Tests" in the window. An instructor and pupil leave the building. The examiner points at a car twenty five yards away and the pupil has to read the number plate. They cross the road and get into a light blue Vauxhall Viva car. Sign on top of the car reads "Sedford Park School of Motoring". They talk inside the car. The pupil adjusts the handbrake and gear stick, checks the mirror and the road for other vehicles and drives off.
View from inside the car during the test and the earnest looking pupil. Practising an emergency stop when the examiner holds up his clipboard. Close-up of the indicator light. He pulls in behind a parked car and practising moving out. Car drives past a parade of shops and a bus stop. Pupil does a three point turn. Close-up of a "Stop" sign on the road, pupil looks left and right before crossing. Pupil reverses around a corner. Car pulls up outside the motoring school, examiner tests pupil on the highway code. He passes the test and smiles. His instructor waits by the building pacing up and down nervously. Pupil waves his pass slip out of the window and the instructor goes to congratulate him.
A man who has been driving for twenty years leaves his house and gets into his car. He puts in glasses and we follow him on his journey. He comes to a set of temporary lights and keeps his distance from the car in front. The car first in the queue lurches back when the lights change and rolls into the car behind. Our sensible driver continues his journey. He drives down a country road behind a lorry and has to perform an emergency stop when a box from the lorry falls out of the back. He pulls into a crowded car park and has to reverse to let a car out. He reverses into a parking space, gets out and locks the car. He descends some steps while reading the paper. On the pavement a driver in a parked car opens his door without looking and our driver walks into it. He walks around the corner on a busy road continuing his journey.


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