Film: 8916

Art + Architecture | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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Winifred Nicholson - A woman artist 1980's

Opening scene of paints being mixed on palette with palette-knife and brush. Pan across one of her paintings, still and close-up. W. Nicholson sitting amid numerous framed paintings, then sitting discussing work in chair. She's a 70 year old with slightly scruffy grey hair, brown jumper with white crocheted cardigan. Cut to curator of Nicholson exhibition. Three early B/W photographs of Nicholson and one taken towards the end of her life. Pan over a selection of paper-clipped watercolours. Old B/W photographs of Nicholson home. Film of house now, with views of hills and fields outside. B/W photographs cut with two landscape paintings. Several B/W photographs of Winifred and her husband, the painter Ben Nicholson. Including him side-on in front of one of his paintings. B/W photographs from early married life in Switzerland. Whole shot and close-up her early paintings; flower/plants in foreground, landscape in background. Close-up and pan of mother and child, and of family group painting. Six B/W photographs of Nicholson with one or more of her children. B/W photographs of husband and child cut with paintings of some subject. Move to Paris (as single mother). B/W documentary footage of 1930's Paris; children playing with sand with the Champs Elysee in the background and French policeman standing by. Group of mothers with prams and a boy with a scooter in the foreground. B/W photographs of W. Nicholson in Paris. More B/W 1930's Paris street scenes; buses, cars and pedestrians, café scenes; coffee and cigarettes, groups of men and women drinking and smoking in outside bar. Selection of stills of Nicholson's 1930's paintings, becoming more minimalist or abstract with influence from Paris. 2nd interview with Nicholson, same age as before, different setting. B/W 1930's film footage taken from train; countryside from window, power lines, train tracks, the train itself, all fast moving images. Cut to mounting of Nicholson exhibition, close-up of some hung paintings, pan of exhibition space being prepared. B/W photographs of Nicholson's Grandparents. Still film and close-up of her paintings of children. Footage of two rainbows interspersed with paintings with rainbows in. Reference to her being a Christian Scientist alongside related paintings and stills of her in later life. Through some sections of this film a curator, collector and some friends are interviewed. Narrative and interviews are interspersed chronologically through the film.

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