Film: 8920

Farming + Rural Life | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Sheep dog and sheep farmer working in unison 1940's

Water flowing down between a variety of rocks, drops in the river causing a white foam to be produced. Water falls down a small drop between large rocks into the quiet stream below, a few farm buildings visible on the bank above, open land with hill in the background and a few bare trees. A long white cottage with a small piece of equipment and a tree in the foreground. A mans hand reaches out and collects a shepherds crook and a bridle off a hook. Man in black boots walks out of a house, bridle dangling from one hand. Grey horse lifts his head. 2 dogs sat looking up at something, the third dog quickly lifts his head and looks to be listening intently. The horse stands in his stable nibbling at his hay. The gentleman stands holding the top half of the stable door open whilst his dogs jump over the bottom half. Horse continues to munch his food. The man fusses his dogs as they remain around his feet, he opens the stable and walks in to see the horse. Man is stood by the horses head as he puts on the bridle, horse lifts his head slightly when he goes to put in the bit. The dogs wait patiently outside the stable and quickly move out of their masters way when he brings the horse out, they head off. Man stands holding the horses reins as he adjusts his hat. Shot of the sky, there appears to be some dark rain clouds present although the sun is peeking out behind them. White and black dog trots back into the yard and picks up the shepherds hook in his mouth and runs back off with it. Dog takes the crook to his owner, who is sitting on the horse now, dog jumps up and leans on the horse to do so, they walk off along the field. Shallow water trickling between small stones, horses hooves pass through, closely followed by the dogs. They start to make their way up the rocky hill. They trot off along down a slight decline and back up another hill. They make their way up a very steep and stony hill, the dogs keeping close at all times. Silhouette of horse and rider, and the dogs pass along the top of the hill with sunlight coming over. The man stands up in his stirrups and looks down the valley. Sheep grazing on the rolling hills. The group make their way down the bank. They walk along much flatter ground with a bog in the foreground. Gentleman dismounts, puts the reins over his head and hands them to the white and black dog, he then makes his way across the bog, jumping to the most stable sections as he makes his way, the other 2 dogs follow suit. A sheep lies helplessly on the floor, she lifts her head briefly but puts it back down, she jumps when the man approaches her but remains on the floor, he gently but firmly grasps her head. The dog holding the horse turns around and walks off, pulling the reins and encouraging the horse to come with him. Dog continues to coax the horse forward. Horse and dog walk off across the land. Man puts the sheep onto her side. 4 sheep stood on the hill, a dog standing guard, any movements and he keeps them where they are meant to be. Collection of sheep and lambs in a small valley, man and his animals approach them. Lambs wandering around their mothers, with the dogs keeping guard so they don't escape. Man, his horse and dog which still has hold of the horse continue to make their way down. Mother sheep stamps her foot in an attempt to protect her young, lamb takes a drink, another mum with young stood by the side. Man makes his way to the flock and they walk out of his way when he becomes close. A dog sits in front of a ewe with a dead lamb, she stamps her feet to keep him away, the dog backs away at first but then starts to raise his paw to the mother, she makes a brief charge at him but he sticks close by, he then dashes off. Man is tending to a sheep, her lamb remaining by her side. Dog jumps up putting his paws on his masters shoulders, he sits and waits for his owner to get up, dog leads the way as they walk off, lamb can be seen foraging in the background. Mother stands still guarding her dead offspring, man approaches her and examines the lamb briefly, dog sits watching by the side as his owner walks off. A ewe feeding her two lambs appears to have a bit of a handful and she makes a run for it as the man approaches, he grabs one lamb with the end of his crook to stop him escaping and picks him up. Shepherd walks back down the hill with the baby. He approaches the mother who lost her lamb and places the other lamb in front of her and she proceeds to head butt him, gentleman continues to show the lamb to her but she doesn't take to him, eventually he picks the lamb back up along with the carcass, placing the lamb back down he draws a stanley knife from his pocket and checks the sharpness of the blade. Man places what appears to be the skin from the dead lamb onto the one he wishes to introduce, he pulls it over his head and puts his legs inside. Man then lets the lamb go and he approaches his new mother without any issues and goes for a drink. Shot of lamb drinking, sheepdog sat near by. Man picks up the lamb and strips him of his coat, putting him back on the floor. Lamb runs to his new mother and she makes no effort to get rid of him this time, he drinks and the dog passes by in the background. Rolling shot of the hills, they appear to have snow on them. Man, horse and his dog make their way across the top of the snowy hills, he looks down to the sheep below, he makes a gesture towards the dogs and they move off. The dogs appear to be following instructions and begin to round the sheep up. Man stays on top of the hill, using a whistle and his crook to direct the dogs to do as he wishes. Dogs continue rounding up. Close up of man whistling. Dog sits and then runs off. Dogs chase off along the hill, sheep in the foreground. Man stands on the edge of the hill and continues to give instruction. Dogs get the herd together. Close up of man whistling. Shots of the dogs herding the sheep along the hillside. Sheep emerge over the top of a hill, closely followed on horseback by the man and dogs. Sheep pass by a stone wall. Sheep come to a standstill, man catches up and the dogs move the herd on. Dogs run on along down the hill, horse trotting along with them. A young lamb sniffs it's lifeless mother, he sticks close to her side. Man, horse and dogs climb down a steep and rocky side of the hill, slipping and sliding slightly as they go, they go on to climb up a steep bit. They come across the hill and the man dismounts, he goes to the lamb and picks it up, whilst the dogs remain fairly close to the dead mother. Shot of the cloudy sky above. They ride to the top of a hill, with the lamb on board the horse with the man and descend down the other side. They stop outside a stone circle and the lamb is placed inside, one of the dogs pops in with the lamb and right back out again, following after the others. They make their way quietly along the grass, the white and black dog is allowed to jump onto the horse and they ride off. Man pours a liquid from a saucepan into a bottle. Close up of dog staring up at his owner. Dog watches as the man continues to fill the bottle. Man places the saucepan down and puts the lid on the milk bottle. Man places the bottle in the dogs mouth and he runs off with it. He trots past the buildings. He runs as quickly as possible back across the hills. Shots of him climbing various parts of the hill. Lamb shown in the stone pen. Dog comes along the top of the hill and jumps into the stone pen. Dog continues to hold the bottle in his mouth as the young lamb suckles from it. The lamb shakes his tail as he carries on drinking. Dog then walks off with the bottle and jumps from the enclosure. Shots of dog making his way back down the hill, bottle still in his mouth. Dog trots back inside the house, sitting on his hind legs in a begging position, his owner then hands him a plate of food. Close up of dog eating. Dog continues to eat whilst his owner gives him a pat. Dog wagging his tail. Shadow is shown moving off. Dog moves across the hills at night, he then lies down. Dog appears to be watching something. Dog runs quickly across the hill. Sheep seen running. Shots of sheep and lambs making a getaway from the dog. Owner in bed sleeping, he awakens. Dogs jumping up and scratching at a door. Man quickly gets out of bed. Man lets dogs out and grabs something from the wall. Sheep still running. He and his dogs make their way across a small amount of water and run off. They cover ground as quickly as possible. Dog at the top of a hill eating something. 2 dogs run off, owner dismounts his horse and leaves it for the dog to hold again. Owner stands waiting with a gun. Dog waiting following orders. Dog runs quickly along the hill. Owner stands up and shoots. Dog goes flying as he is shot. Man leaves his hiding position and makes his way up the hill, he is greeted by his 2 dogs. Dog lies on the floor. Man places his gun down and examines the animal. He removes the collar from the dog and looks at it, then puts it in his pocket. He bends down to the dog. Walking along the hill they come across a dead sheep. Walking on the man discovers several others, he looks at them to see what damage is done, there are also dead lambs. Dog runs to meet his owner who is walking down the hill, he places his gun and hat on the ground and peers over a small cliff. A lamb and it's mother lie below. The man jumps down the cliff and sees to the animals. His dog looks over the cliff at him. Man ties the lambs legs together and picks up the mothers legs. Dog continues to watch. Man lifts the mother up to the next overhanging part of the hill, followed by the lamb, he gets his footing on the rocks. He struggles lifting the mother up further, keeping hold of the lamb in the other arm, he pushes and lifts them up the cliff. He tries to get his footing. He lifts them over the ledge to where his dog is waiting, he keeps working them up to safety, his dog moves out of the way and sits down on the bank. Man rests rubbing his head, still leaning on the sheep. He looks at the sheep briefly and then whistles out to his dog. Dog gets up off the ground, pulls on the reins and leads the horse away. The pair walk along the hill until they get to their owner. Man continues to look at the sheep. Man takes the reins off the dog and the dog walks off. The group travel down along the hill, the man on board the horse with the sheep, 2 dogs running loose and the other leading the horse still holding onto the reins. The climb a steep hill.

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