Film: 8922

Music | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Rock 'n' Roll visual scopitone jukebox items. Excellent snapshot of pop music in Europe in the pre Beatles era 1960's

1. Al Saxon sings 'Mine All Mine'. He sits, sings and plays a piano on a revolving platform. A woman hangs on his every word. Filmed on a set to resemble a night club after a party, there is mess and streamers everywhere. He gets up and wanders around the club singing to various seated women.
2. An Italian woman singer sings in a bank vault set while men dressed as gangsters dance around her. She throws bank notes, cash, money or banknotes around, the song is quite lively. The gangsters gamble. Close up of cash, cheques and playing cards. The singer and the gangsters dance.
3. Italian(?) male singer stands on a set with tools and flowers to give a rural ambience and sings a song which is presumably about a donkey. A donkey pulling a cart is led along a country road. Back on the set a man playing an accordion appears. The donkey or ass again. Accordion solo. The donkey chews. The singer looks through a small telescope and pulls faces to denote the comic tone of the song. More shots of the donkey and the accordion player. The vocalist finishes and winks at the camera.
4. A young male British singer in a suit sings a song ('Sway') in a light rock and roll style. He is in a studio set with painted wooden sculptures to the rear. A couple dance around, the woman dressed in a leotard. Ends suddenly.
5. A dark haired woman in a yellow cat suit dances around a statue of a cat. She dances onto a painted set where a man is seated. The song is in Italian. She dances seductively around the man. A male singer of limited visual appeal seated at the piano sings the ballad, the cat statue is on the top of the piano. The woman kneels and sways around a guitar propped up against a chair. Ends abruptly.
6. Song by French superstar Johnny Halliday. A woman admires herself in a mirror. Halliday sings his mid tempo number in silhouette. He looks a real rocker, wearing leather trousers and plays a red semi acoustic guitar typical of the period. The woman puts pin ups of male stars and heartthrobs on the wall. Johnny and the woman dance. Close up of the guitar and Halliday singing.
7. Mike Sarne 'Come Outside'. Dancing feet. Woman in tight trousers dances doing the twist, again in a studio set under an 'Exit' sign. Weedy Mike sings to her in an awful cockney accent. They dance a mild version of the twist. The woman wears white hipster trousers with a white cropped top and a bare midriff. She joins in the song and they sing a form of argument at each other. The woman's voice is provided by recognised personality Wendy Richards. They leave the set.
8. Unknown group sing 'When'(a hit in England for the Kalin Twins but this probably is not them). They stand on a small stage with their instruments, they all wear striped blazers and white trousers. The band rock out in muted fashion.
9. Shane Fenton song (later became recognised personality Alvin Stardust). Shane sings a moody rock and roll number backed by his band the Fentones, all dressed in suits. Shane sports a teddy boy 'ducks arse' haircut. Ends.
10. Someone singing 'Like I do' (not Maureen Evans) A woman reclines on a red couch and sings into a blue telephone. Very gaudy set. Cuts to a man with a red phone who is on the receiving end of her singing. Ends.

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